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Apr 15, 2008 07:19 PM

Restaurant Suggestion - Northern NJ

I am looking for restaurant suggestions for a 40th birthday party celebration for 8 women.
Moderately pricced, something fun and festive, BYO alcohol is fine. Chinese, Japanese or Cuban food is good but I'm open to all types of food. We'll take a limo so distance is not too much of a factor (from Montclair). Thanks for ideas.

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  1. Sabor Latin Bistro has two locations:

    North Bergen and Hawthorne

    For Cuban, Azucar has two locations:

    Edgewater and Jersey City

    For Chinese BYOB,

    Chengdu1 in Verona or Petite Soo Chow in Cliffside Park

    Check out OTB for pictures...

    For Japanese, the best I have had in New Jersey is....

    Komegashi in Newport Harbor, Jersey City. They also have two locations.

    Last for Old School Rustic Italian BYOB in North Bergen,

    Di Palma Brothers on Kennedy Boulevard...


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    1. re: fourunder

      Fourunder, while the food is terrific at Chengdu 1, I'd hardly say it has a 'fun and festive' atmosphere for a group of women taking a limo out for a 40th birthday celebration!
      One recommendation I'd make is Crave in where the chef is terrific and it's definitely a 'scene'--if that's what you want.

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        Are any Chinese Restaurants really fun and festive? Chinese is all about the food. If you are looking for ambiance or service, one does not usually associate Chinese Dining.

        BTW.......Chinese is my favorite food........PC Police.

        I usually go to Lotus Cafe in Hackensack for my Chinese Food, but I wanted to keep it a secret.

    2. Thank you for the ideas.

      1. My new obsession: Brasilia Grill in Newark. In my opinion, just absolutely fantastic! Large seafood buffet with really great churrasco. For a birthday party, it would be so much fun. They have great drinks, and it is a lively place. Of course, it is also filled with beautiful Brazilians!! Close to Montclair--Newark off of Ferry St. Enjoy!

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          Good call, Kimie-the Ironbound definitely qualifies as festive and fun in general, and the food at Brasilia Grill is good! Adega Grill is another nice restaurant (not necessarily w/a festive vibe-a nicer spot in terms of decor and 'formality') and they have a lounge/club attached for after dinner dancing if that's your thing...

          1. re: Curlz

            Would a solo diner enjoy Brasilia or Adega?? I have a EWR layover.