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Apr 15, 2008 06:16 PM

Need Input On Best Burger In PHX Area

I am a self proclaimed burger fanatic. Will be in Phoenix this weekend which is one of the few major cities where I have yet to find a solid burger (think 5 Guys in the East for what I consider a solid burger). All input accepted and appreciated!

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  1. You will get plenty of responses, but I am a big fan of the burgers at Delux at 32nd Street and Camelback in Phoenix. Prime meat, excellent toppings and great bread. They tend to undercook them, so take that into consideration and don't be afraid to send it back if it isn't cooked properly.

    Combine that with a basket of their mixed fries and a beer and you have a great dining experience.

    3146 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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    1. re: Seth Chadwick

      I second that Seth, Delux is outstanding. Grainbelt Grillhouse in Gilbert has an awesome burger also.

      You need to try GBG, Seth. Great food, atmosphere, and reasonably priced. For the money, the best steaks I've had.

      Grainbelt Grillhouse
      302 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234

      1. re: Seth Chadwick

        Yup, Delux has some good burgers. On our last visit, they were really good and the fries were crisper than normal. Their sweet potato fries are sometimes a bit limpish, but they were actually somewhat crispy.

        Another place that has some good burgers, but I'm not sure of their current state of openness, is Welcome Diner. It's pretty much a lunch-only for burgers, but they are pretty good. Personally I'm a fan of their deep-fried then grilled hotdogs, but my g/f loves their burgers. Their fries, while basic russets, are amazing when they are done right. They are cash only and cramped, but very good.

        Welcome Diner
        924 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

        1. re: Firenza00

          Delux for us too. Like Seth said, the toppings are excellent as is the bread. The basket of mixed fries never stands a chance with us! Firenza I agree with you, last time our fries were nice and crispy and HOT! Oh they were so good. I usually get Kronenberg beer when there but this last time we both got the root beer on tap (thomas kemper?) that was excellent as well.

          Make sure to head over to the Gelato place across the parking lot from Delux for dessert! YUM!

          1. re: Lala0310

            Just to pile on ...

            Delux burger is my vote as well. However, I say stick around for dessert at Delux. Their apple pie is out of this world and DEFINITELY enough to share for at least 2-4 ppl. The crust is beautiful - nice and flaky with great flavor. The pie filling is fantastic. Get it a la mode and you'll be in heaven.

          2. re: Firenza00

            I'm not getting the Delux-loving. When I ate there a few weeks ago, my burger was soggy, mushy, and a bit taste-less.

            May have been an off day for the cook. I'll have to try it again. Maybe then I'll understand what everyone is raving about.

            1. re: jhenner

              don't feel badly, jhenner. my last 2 experiences at delux weren't good at all. had they been my first trips i wouldn't ever have gone back.

              1. re: jhenner

                We ate there just this past weekend. We both had the Delux Burger. I wish mine had had more Maytag flavor - all I really got was the sweetness from the caramelized onions. I made a comment to Firenza that the burgers aren't as good in real life as they are in my head. I still remember the first time we went there. *Insert drooling*

                That said, we RAVED about the fries all weekend. The sweet potato fries were absolutely perfect. Nice and crispy, sweet, and with just the right amount of salt. The plain fries were good, too. Great, even, but they paled in comparison to the perfect sweet potato fries.

                1. re: tara17

                  do you think that's what it is? the internal 'omg this uber burger - must have' dialog renders the actual thing as not as good as?

                  i just remember thinking that it wasn't as good as in the good old days. maybe the good old days are in my head ;)

                  i will say that i wish they would undo what they did to the beet salad. thats a crime against vegetables

                  1. re: winedubar

                    Possibly. When they first opened, though, they were also using Nieman (sp) Ranch beef and now they're using something else (Harris Ranch? I can't seem to remember). I also wonder if that has something to do with it.

                    1. re: tara17

                      Harris Ranch is what they have claimed to serve all 3 times I've been there, but I started eating there pretty late in the game (~1 year ago).

                      The more I think about my last trip past the Harris Ranch feedlot on I-5, though, the less inclined I am to eat at Delux. I would more motivated to eat there if they switched (back?) to a supplier like Niman Ranch.

                      1. re: hohokam

                        I do not believe they ever used Niman Ranch beef. I thought they used to do a NR hot dog, but their website says it's Hebrew National.

                        1. re: hohokam

                          Niman Ranch is the original supplier. Their original menus touted that. At some point, they stopped using Niman and didn't change their menus. This prompted Niman to ask them to fix the menus. They did. Their burgers suffered during this period. They switched to Harris Ranch after that, and the quality improved immensely. However, I still prefer the Niman Ranch-era burgers. They are still really good today, but they were even better then.
                          The original New Times Review mentions Niman:


                        2. re: tara17

                          As an aside: we use a personal meat service that had the Neiman beef for some time. Lately, they have put in Harris Ranch, and I am not a fan. Even their "American Kobe" is not that good, in my book. Amazing how much a beef supplier can influence the final product.

                          I'm back to getting a prime sirloin double-ground at AJ's, when I do my burgers. It's about half the price of the Harris Ranch American Kobe and 4x better.

                          Have not been to Deluxe, so cannot comment on it.


                      2. re: tara17

                        Tara, I went there last night and had the exact experience as you. The fries were definitely better than I remembered... The flavor along with the yellow-colored dip... maybe a sweet mustard aioli?... was wonderful!

                        My boyfriend and I each had a half of their Delux and Standard burgers. While each wasn't a disappointment, neither were they as delicious as my memories.

                        That being said, the highlight of our meals was the beer...

                  2. re: Seth Chadwick

                    I'm on another streak of having a Delux Burger about once a week. But, I have to disagree with Seth. I think they've been overcooking my desired medium-rare burgers, of late. I've been considering switching to rare to adjust.

                    1. re: johnseberg

                      Thanks for that, John. Maybe they got too many complaints and overcompensated. :o)

                      1. re: Seth Chadwick

                        Or, maybe I just like my beef bloody as hell.

                      2. re: johnseberg

                        You must like it bloody, because I've always order med-rare and they've always gotten it right for me. I do them for take-out lunch about once a month, and it's still my favorite burger in town. Juicy, beefy, yum.

                        A couple other favs of mine in town are the Southwest Burger @ Four Peaks (Tempe) and the Western burger @ Chicago Hamburger Company. Two completely different burgers but both really good.

                        Four Peaks Brewing Co
                        1340 E 8th St, Tempe, AZ 85281

                        Chicago Hamburger Co
                        3749 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

                        1. re: azhotdish

                          I always order mid-rare, as well. They are always spot on.

                    2. I'm from Tucson and my Phoenix burger knowledge is limited; that said, burgers at Delux are vyer, very good!!!

                      1. I'll just pile on here ... Delux all the way.

                        Nothing is better in Phoenix, and maybe nothing is better in the Southwest.

                        1. Never been to a 5 Guys, so no idea what their burgers are like. Haven't been to Delux either. I like Chuckbox in Tempe. Awesome burgers. Don't go too close to closing time as they've been known to run out and close early.


                          There's also Heart Attack Grill - home of the double bypass burger. Never been there either, but my husband has. It's more of a "guy" place.


                          Chuck Box
                          202 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

                          Heart Attack Grill
                          6185 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

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                          1. re: Jen76

                            I'd have to disagree on Heart Attack Grill. I haven't been to any of their current locations, but the one time I went to the original locale, both the burgers and "nurses" were nothing special. For burgers, go to Delux. For girls, well, there's lots of gentlemanly places for that.

                            1. re: Jen76

                              Absolutely do not go to Heart Attack Grill - they stopped cooking their burgers to-order long ago, and only serve it at one temp. It's a gut bomb and tasted like charred grease - avoid.

                              1. re: Jen76

                                the Heart Attack *used* to be good back when they first opened. Then, a couple months later, quality went screaming downhill and never recovered.

                                Wait a sec... Chandler Blvd now? They moved AGAIN?!

                                1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                                  Heart attack on 44th & Thomas closed last month, and the name has changed to something else, but the mannekins with their nurse uniforms are still in the window... who knows what that's about

                                  1. re: oryza

                                    It's called The Grill Next Door. Take a look at the pic of "Sassy Sami", that should pretty much sum it up.


                                    1. re: azhotdish

                                      omg... i haven't seen Heinz so abused since... well, the last presidential election

                                  2. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                                    They recently opened at Kyrene and Chandler Blvd. In the plaza where the bowling alley is.

                                    What is with this place and it's many incarnations? I've never set foot in one nor have had any desire to but the constant new locations is intriguing. Wonder what the backstory is. And how long this newest new location will be open.

                                  3. re: Jen76

                                    One thing to know about Chuck Box is that they only take cash.

                                    Heart Attack Grill kind of tries to be a Hooters for burger places, they have girls dressed up as sexy nurses. The theme is interesting but the food is not too great.

                                  4. Well, obviously Delux is the consensus pick around these parts...and it is very good, though when I think "burger", I tend to think more traditional (ie. nice squishy white bun and less people-trying-to-impress sitting around me). :-)

                                    Somebody mentioned Four Peaks, and they do make a good burger. My favorite burger in town is probably Uncle Bear's, a sports bar in Gilbert. Oh, and you can't go wrong with the burgers at Roaring Fork (the Big-A** Burger) or Pischke's Blue Ribbon (which is essentially the same thing...I think they were calling it the 'BA' burger since they can't use the "Big-A**" name).

                                    Anybody remember Flakey Jakes? *that* was my favorite burger of all time. I still get misty thinking about that place.

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                                    1. re: boingo2000

                                      The bar at RF and the BA Burger with some green chili mac and a couple of HH Marg. is a fine thing.