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Apr 15, 2008 06:06 PM

What is good in Westport?

I am going to westprot for the weekend and would like to find some places to eat breakfast and dinners,.

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  1. I take it there is no place to eat in Westport.

    1. Islander, home town breakfast at the West wind by the Museum, big breakfast by the Lighthouse, and Bennet's in Grayland.

      1. What's good.....well, if you are there in October/November you might catch the one or two days they have razor clamming open. So delicious. A bit of hard work, but the husband can get in on that, go back to the kitchen and quickly pan fry or deep fry!!

        1. There's no place good to eat in Westport. Go a few miles south to the historic Tokeland hotel. They have nice lunches, bake their own breads, and probably serve a good dinner too. The atmosphere has nice historic charm.