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Apr 15, 2008 05:14 PM

Market Street Grill

Last Sunday night I tried to go to the Market Street Grill for their Sunday special (starter/entree/dessert for $25) but the sign on their door said they closed their doors for good that night at 7pm.

I've read some scuttlebutt that they sold and the new restaurant will open shortly with the same chef, but an Italian menu. Does anyone know the scoop?

Market Street Grill will be missed - as part of the 3 course $25 Sunday special, easily the best steak frites for the money in town!

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  1. I haven't been to the Market Street Grill, but I have been to the Market Street Cafe in Kirkland. Bill for 1 - $80. Unusual food, but I think they're a bit out of touch with the food scene in the Seattle area. Anyone else been to the Cafe?

    1. Hmmm... things are starting to add up...... We have been fans of Market Street in Ballard for a LONG time, last time in (3 weeks ago ?) was just wierd - wine list was way different, service was a bit off, It was a Friday night, and the place was dead...I didn't see John or his wife .... It just was very odd... Hit its peak with Eddie Montoya.

      Market Street was the first of the "gentrification" of Ballard (turning the valhalla into the old pecululiar doesn't count) ...and I'm truly sad to see it go.