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Apr 15, 2008 05:05 PM

Cooking class for a gift?

A freind of mine is looking for a good place to take a cooking class. Does anyone have any ideas for someone who can cook, but would like to have some fun and learn some new skills and cooking tricks?

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    1. I second the ICE recommendation. I sent my dad (who is already a pretty good chef) to one of their classes a couple of years ago (mom and I went to the spa!), and he really enjoyed it. It was about $100, which included everything, and lasted 4-5 hours. It was an italian class, and he picked up a couple of tips on making pasta, etc, that have come in handy since. They offer a class on everything under the sun, so I'm sure you'll find something that will be perfect for you!

      1. I have taken 3 classes at ICE and have never been disappointed. (French Steakhouse, Knife Skills, and Holy Cannoli). Several participants in my classes had received the class as a gift. I think it's an incredible idea. They have so many types of classes (from making sushi, wine/cheese tasting, gourmet meals, and basic skills) that you can definitely find something to suit. And the classes are absolutely worth the price.

        French Steakhouse was a particularly awesome value (I think I was there for about 6 hours - we had top quality cuts of meat, oysters, wine, etc). Holy Cannoli was amazingly fun. Chef Loren did both of those classes - I highly recommend anything he teaches.

        1. I took at class at ICE but I was a bit disappointed because it was a bit below my skill level. Although if the class covers a topic you don't know anything about it would probably be useful.

          1. Karen Lee gives a great class. Miette is ok.