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Apr 15, 2008 04:38 PM

Real Ale on Piccadily tube London?

I only have a few hours to have a beer in London on a Monday night. I am trying to find a real ale place-you know where they draw it from the cellar? I swear CAMRA used to have pub listings, but I cannot find anything. A few years ago I went to London and had a real ale itinerery but cannot seem to find the websites again-nor any that will help me find anything on the tube line. I have so little time in London, I hope to find something off the Piccidilly line if possible. I am staying near Heathrow to catch an early AM flight. This site

has pubs, but no indication or real ale availibility. Thanks beer hounds!

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  1. greetings lyn, the sites I use for finding pubs in London are beerintheevening and fancyapint. They will sort your searches by tube stops and locations, and the thumbnail descriptions of the pubs will give the real ale status and types served if any. Each pub listing also has a map and directions link--I've gotten around London almost solely by using those maps. I'd also suggest putting your request on the U.K. board. We stayed in Soho, trekked a little into Southwark and the City, probably enjoyed two pubs in Holborn the most, so I'm ignorant of the pubs in the area you've requested. cheers

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      Thanks I will play with these websites and see what I get.

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        Those sites are great recomendations. Its a pity chowhound doesn't allow beer to be discussed under UK thread but moves topics here as this would get much more answers on uk thread. Anyway, not far from holborn on the picadilly is the seven stars, a classic pub with good beer.