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The New Food Network Shows for This Year

Hello. I'm new here and this is my first post. That said, I'm making sure I follow the rules as I understand them which are:

"Posts which link directly to blog entries without adding any useful information to the site will be removed - copy or encapsulate your blog posts on Chowhound so readers can read and respond within our community."

So, to add new news ... I've published the latest annoucements of food shows that will be on the Food Network this year at http://www.tvchefsblog.com/tv_food_sh...

In short those shows include:

• Chic & Easy with Mary Nolan

• Anne Burrell's Secrets of a Restaurant Chef

• Bobby Flay's Griil It!

• Feasting on Waves, a nautical successor to Alton Brown’s food travelogue, Feasting on Asphalt.

• The Chef Jeff Project, an aspiriational series in which drug-dealer-turned-chef Jeff Henderson works with kids who want to be cooks.

• Eat the Clock, an “Amazing Race”-type road competition centered around food

• An untitled show featuring Alex Guarnaschelli, chef at the New York restaurant, Butter.

• Food Sleuths, a food-mythology show that will seek to answer culinary questions like whether chewing gum sticks to one’s intestines when swallowed

• Chopped, food competition program that will pit four contestants against each other to find the nation’s top sous chef.

So what does everyone think of the FN lineup for the rest of the year? (Or at least the next six months)? Obviously they'll be doing a fourth season of The Next Food Network Star this summer too.

Good stuff? Bad stuff? Same old same old?

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  1. Looking forward to Feasting on Waves most.

    Also, eat the clock and bobby flay's new show sound intriguing.

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Some do sound interesting.

      I know that they have more cake competitions in the works.

      Flay, nothing new there, is simply a rehash of what he already has been doing for years.

      Food sleuths sounds like spin off of 'Unwrapped'.

      I wonder what kind of background checks they have been doing. And I'm and very curious as to what kind of nutjobs will be on TNFNS. Last season the they out did themselves on that score.

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      1. re: Withnail42

        I'd like to add to my previous post. I am very curious in seeing Alex Guarnaschelli's show. She is a very interesting and intelligent chef. I do not think that she is the giggle and jiggle type. Can't see her randomly using any sort of accent. Nor do I envision her giving us any sort of expose on 'lifesavers'. In sort she just doesn't fit into any current FN molds. I have some (tentative) hope for this one.

        1. re: Withnail42

          It's intresting that you point out about AG's show that she is not giggle and jiggle, because that was exactly what I was thinking about Anne Burrell (is there something about the initials AB? bourdain, alton, now ane?). She is a very competent, spunky person, but she is not giada, rachael or Sandra....

          1. re: dagoose

            I really am not familiar with Anne Burrell. So can't really comment on her. But from what I have heard I am curios about her show.

        2. re: Withnail42

          This Bobby Flay show is like a reverse of Throwdown with a dash of Tyler's Ultimate. He invites people to join him in grilling. I watched an episode the other night: he and a Mexican chef made shrimp dishes. The poor chef looked so nervous, but it was enjoyable to see them take the same ingredients and make something different from them. And it's coincidently (of course, there are no coincidences) the name of a new cookbook.

          1. re: brendastarlet

            I think this has been a great show. Not sure why I like it, I think I like the guests up to this point.

            The Indian guy that came on and made the hoagies was fantastic, he should have been on Next Food Network Star.

        3. I love anne burrell, she is so cool, I hope her show lives up to her attitude. She was cooking in her restaurant when we were in there a few months ago, and she just seems awesome!

          1. oh man, i hadn't heard about feasting on waves. alton brown continues his tradition of being awesome and making compelling food television. any word on when it starts?

            1. Don't forget Cooking for Real with Sunny Anderson:


              1. I like the FN, and unlike a number of people who feel that the channel needs to be some sort of cooking classroom, I do not. I enjoy the shows merely for their entertainment value, and sometimes I actually find something that I try to cook. The show with Anne Burrell sounds interesting. I'm not sure about the rest. I know that when anything that has Alton Brown connected with it comes on, my set goes off. The only exception being Iron Chef. I don't care for the Challenge programs either. FN is a business, and I'm sure they are seeking their best niche to make money. It's very clear that their programming is moving to mass appeal entertainment and not, "add 3 teaspoons of this, and a half a cup of that". I am comfortable with Paula, Rachael, Tyler and Co.

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                1. re: mack184

                  I think that is what makes FN good, it caters to most people because some people love certain shows and hate others.

                  Im the exact opposite but that is why it is nice that they dont offer just one type of show. I will watch ANYTHING with Alton Brown on it as well as Guy or Flay- but despise some of the others that Im sure you and others appreciate.

                  Assortment is key, just hope they dont just go down one road.

                  Cant wait for Feasting on Waves. Anyone else like Jamie Oliver? I really like watching his show and how great would it be to have a show starring Jeffrey Steingarten!!! I dont care what he did, I would watch it. He is freaking hilarious.

                  1. re: yankeefan

                    yeah, i think jamie at home is one of the best new shows food network has done in ages. jamie oliver is charming as hell, can cook, and the sort of improvisational, down and dirty cooking he does really makes you just want to get into your kitchen. that's congruous with the awesome parchment interstitials that look like his home-drawn cookbook. fantastic little show.

                    1. re: beelzebozo

                      Some people enjoy 'contest' shows, and some people prefer instructional shows... it sounds like the food network is doing a reasonable job of trying to accommodate both. 'The search for the world's best pizza-maker and spaghetti chef' just doesn't have enough visual interest in it to keep me watching for more than five minutes because all the food looks the same, but I'll watch a million programs on cake-decorating because they're all different.

                      1. re: Kajikit

                        good point. I cant watch any of those cake competitions but Im sure there are people out there that love it like yourself.

                        I cant get enough alton brown or flay but Im sure there are those that despise these shows.

                        smart move for them to have diverse shows.

                2. The Bobby Flay one doesn't sound any different than what he's been doing for years on TFN.

                  "Chopped" sounds like their 2nd attempt at a Top Chef ripoff, since TNFNS didn't do too well. Even though they're going to try it yet again. @@

                  Food Sleuth is "Unwrapped" rewrapped.

                  "Feasting on Waves" could be interesting - anything with Alton Brown usually is.

                  And as for The Chef Jeff Project - I believe you mean "inspirational" as I don't think Chef Jeff will want the kids aspirating.

                  Re: the others - doesn't really say anything about what they'll be about. But I'm one of those that gave up on TFN long ago once it went to fluff entertainment vs. actually teaching. They will continue to throw things at the wall to see what sticks in the hopes that their profits don't continue to drop.

                  1. Bobby Flay's Grill It? Really? I don't think I have ever seen him grill. Will Marc Summer host Food Sleuths? That would be great. The Food Network have deemed themselves worthy of identifying the nation's top sous chef? Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.

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                    1. re: southernitalian

                      "Bobby Flay's Grill It? Really? I don't think I have ever seen him grill."...And I just can't imagine what kind of spices he'll use...some peppers/chillies perhaps?

                      That show was probably put forward by the same programming wizard who feels there is a need for yet even more cake competitions.

                    2. Funny, a couple folks have said they thought Food Sleuths might be another Unwrapped. To me it sounds like Good Eats meets the Myth Busters (but not in a good way.)

                      Yes, Chopped sounds "sad". Or as I said elsewhere it might just be "Not So Top Chef".

                      Thanks for catching the typo, Lindawhit.

                      As others have said I expect good things from both Alex Guarnaschelli and Anne Burrell. They both has good personalities, are intelligent and (thankfully) both are that rare thing on FN these days: REAL chefs and used to working in restaurants (as opposed to celeb chefs who haven't done anything in their own restaurant in 5-20 years!)

                      1. • Chic & Easy with Mary Nolan - Just from the title? I already don't like it. I want food that's honest and tastes good, not tarted up and faddish. Or am I missing something here?

                        • Bobby Flay's Griil It! - I respect the hell out of Mr. Flay and his accomplishments. Now it's time for him to shut up, turn off the cameras, and go run his empire.

                        • Feasting on Waves, a nautical successor to Alton Brown’s food travelogue, Feasting on Asphalt. - Oh yeah, this could be art! If Alton broke his collarbone on FOA, what will he do on FOW?

                        • The Chef Jeff Project, an aspiriational series in which drug-dealer-turned-chef Jeff Henderson works with kids who want to be cooks. - Someone beat me to the aspirating joke, so just to say this show could rock, especially when Chef Jeff wants to motivate some former crackhead commis: "You ever batonnade another carrot when I tell you to juilienne it and I bust a cap in your ass!" LOL....

                        • Eat the Clock, an “Amazing Race”-type road competition centered around food - I;m getting done with food competitions, unless it's "How many portions of pulled long pork Jim O'Connor can be made?"

                        • Food Sleuths, a food-mythology show that will seek to answer culinary questions like whether chewing gum sticks to one’s intestines when swallowed - We've been watching TLC again, I see.

                        • Chopped, food competition program that will pit four contestants against each other to find the nation’s top sous chef. - O no. More whiny, immature kitchen wonks moaning about having to cook what--omygod!--customers want to eat. Shoot me now. No, wait. Shoot the show's producers and cast, *then* shoot me.

                        1. you know, that "chef jeff project" sounds similar to what jamie oliver does with underprivileged kids. i don't know who jeff henderson is, but jamie oliver would have been a fine host for something like this, and the show is practically there waiting to be filmed. you don't have to concoct scenarios or organize anything, as it's work that oliver does and has been doing for a while now.

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                          1. re: beelzebozo

                            Agreed, but my guess is Jamie Oliver comes with a much higher price tag than Chef Jeff. Plus, Oliver's English and per Anthony Bourdain's comments, FN wants to get away from people with "funny accents."

                            1. re: KenWritez

                              I don't think Jamie Oliver is free to work for FN -- his shows are all licensed. And his empire is huge now.

                          2. The Chef Jeff Project - When I see that title all I can think is that Jeff from "Burger Chef and Jeff" finally got promoted to the top spot.

                            1. I'd really like to see more programming that introduces American to the fantastic eats that one finds beyond our shores. From Singapore and Indonesia to Lebanon and Argentina, there is so much fantastic food that many Americans are almost totally unaware of and it's a total shame that the Food Network does virtually nothing that encourages American eaters and cooks to expand their culinary horizons. Instead we're stuck with innumerable dopey reality shows and yet another Bobby Flay grill program.

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                              1. re: jbentley4

                                I have to agree! My favourite cooking shows were things like 'A Taste of Africa', and Madhur Jaffrie's Indian cooking, because they were about places that I'd never been and foods that I didn't already know how to cook! I very quickly get bored by the same old same old that cookbooks and cooking shows tend to serve up. I've been roasting chickens and making spaghetti for twenty-five years - I REALLY don't need somebody showing me how I can do it in thirty minutes with one hand tied behind my back.

                              2. Btw, this just in. Literally. I haven't even added it to my blog yet.

                                Another TV show from the Food Network (honest!) ...

                                "Food: True Life" is the current working title. It is an Al Roker production for FN. It will beging airing "in the Fall". And there's currently a casting notice out between now and early to mid-June where ... well, let me just quote a partial from it ...

                                “Do you know someone who has gone from being homeless to the owner of their own restaurant, makes pop art out of pineapples, or eats nothing but peanuts? Do you know someone who is battling food fears or phobias? Has food helped to cure an illness or changed the course of your life?”

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                                1. re: HarryK

                                  *gag* they just made an "& all the other crap we thought of but couldn't put anywhere else and wouldn't work it's own and gee wouldn't want to let a single idea NOT hit the air, etc" show. plus al roker grosses me out. one more reason to NOT flip through this channel.

                                  1. re: HarryK

                                    Are you serious about the Al Roker show?

                                    That's gotta be a joke, right?

                                  2. • Chic & Easy with Mary Nolan - so, Sandra Lee meets...who?

                                    • Anne Burrell's Secrets of a Restaurant Chef - possibly interesting

                                    • Griil It! - going to burn hubby's grill if I have to watch Bobby grill one more thing

                                    • Feasting on Waves: I like Alton, but can't tolerate the schtick long enough to absorb the good stuff

                                    • The Chef Jeff Project - er....huh? Who is the audience? Kids?

                                    • Eat the Clock - forget it.

                                    • An untitled show featuring Alex Guarnaschelli - no idea.

                                    • Food Sleuths - really, about gum? Riveting.

                                    • Chopped - doubtful that I'd personally be interested.

                                    1. Ive heard about a show based on pairing with beers and cooking with beer called something along the lines of Brew Haha, has anyone heard of this?

                                      I would love to see this, perhaps even with Alton.

                                      1. My husband and I LOVE Jame at Home show. It is the best! We Tivo it and replay them. It makes us want to cook.....

                                        I'm looking forward to Anne Burrell's show. I've watched her competency on Iron Chef with Mario and just ate at her restaurant in NYC - Centro Vinoteca.

                                        1. My overwhelming response here is 'eh.' Nothing sounds very original or inspired. I'm looking forward to the Alton Brown show the most. But I have to say, this lineup is part of the reason I've been watching the Food Network less. Sme of the best programming in terms of food is elsewhere. There's great stuff on PBS, there's Top Chef on Bravo, and Anthony Bourdain is on the Travel channel.

                                          - Eat the Clock could be interesting, but it's in the execution. The name isn't very appealing, nor is the concept.

                                          - Am I the only person who is just sick of Bobby Flay?

                                          - Food Sleuths sounds like Mythbusters, which interestingly, already has done some food stuff, like whether eating poppy seed muffins will cause a false positive on a drug test. I think that they may have already done a show about chewing gum in your stomach; that sounds familiar. I think that it might be hard to keep that going. How many food myths are there?

                                          - The Chef Jeff Project sounds like a total rip off of Jamie's Kitchen, the show by Jamie Oliver. He funded it with his own money, which made it more compelling.

                                          - Chopped sounds like a Top Chef rip-off.

                                          - I don't know anything about Anne Burrell or Alex Guarnaschelli except reputation, so I'd watch one episode.

                                          Chef Max

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                                          1. re: chef_max

                                            Wow, Chef Jeff Henderson is a former inmate who discovered cooking in the San Pedro federal pen. I read his book, Cooked, which chronicles his journey from bigtime crack cocaine dealer in San Diego to convict to the kitchen of LA's, San Diego's and ultimately Las Vegas's best kitchens. Cooking and his commitment to making a career out of it turned his life around and he's taking street kids and J.D.'s into the kitchen for his show to teach them how it just might turn their lives around too.

                                            Chef Jeff is the real deal and I think the show will inspire people and share the passion for fine food that makes the Chowhound forums so fun!

                                            I learned all this about Chef Jeff when my company found him and signed him to be speak Oct 4 at the Circle of Hope benefit for at-risk youth in San Diego. I'm looking forward to that event as much as the show.

                                          2. Bring back "Ready Set Cook" with Sissy Biggars! Two chefs, each teamed with a "regular" person, same ingredients, 1 hour to produce food, and judges compare the resulting meals. Seems like it'd fit right in with the current direction of FN, whereas when it was on, it was an anomaly in the schedule.

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                                            1. re: coney with everything

                                              am i the only person sick of alton brown?

                                              btw i would love a chinese cooking show
                                              not fusion tyvm

                                              1. re: sugarsnapp

                                                Not the only one. I'm sick of him too.

                                                Can anyone tell me what's happened with George Duran? I loved Ham on the Street and was glad to see him take over Secret Life Of...but it seems his show(s) have gone the way of the dodo. They pull out Secret Life Of here and there to sandwich between other things, but I haven't seen his other show in ages.

                                                Ted Allen's Food Sleuths may be fun, who knows- but it's a tired concept to be sure. The rest? Blah.

                                                1. re: sugarsnapp

                                                  I'm with you.

                                                  Alton Brown is obnoxious, and it's a mystery to me why so many people here like him. "Good Eats" is particularly unwatchable.

                                                2. re: coney with everything

                                                  Oh I remember that show with Sissy Biggers! I really enjoyed that one. The only "chef" show I watch on FN these days is Jamie at Home. I love the way he cooks, and I want to eat almost everything I see him make. He is a messy cook, but I love how he just goes out to the garden, plops down and starts working. Very inspiring.
                                                  Not crazy about Anne Burrells show, although I'll give it a few more episodes. Dinner Impossible is a guilty pleasure, Iron Chef is a favorite and love Top Chef. Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel is a great show as well.
                                                  Never liked Alton Browns show, and yes, sick of Bobbly Flay like most others!
                                                  Oh...and Jose Andres on PBS is the best!

                                                3. I'll take the PBS Saturday afternoon lineup over any of these. Why do I get the feeling that none of these shows will get anywhere near the airtime as the constant barrage of boring cake competition shows that seem to constantly be on FN?

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                                                  1. re: joeyz

                                                    I watched Anne Burrell on Sunday morning -- at first, I thought she was a one-minute bumper to another program, and then I realized it was her new show. She's promising: right now, she's talking too fast, and looks really, really eager to teach us something. But I like seeing accomplished women chefs/food professionals on FN, and she apprenticed with Lidia, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

                                                    1. re: joeyz

                                                      Why do I get the feeling that none of these shows will get anywhere near the airtime as the constant barrage of boring cake competition shows that seem to constantly be on FN?

                                                      Probably because FN has lots and lots of hours to fill with "only" cooking and food related shows, unlike PBS. There is now way FN could fill every day, all day with content without lots of repeats and trite competitions. They don't call TV a vast wasteland for nothing.

                                                    2. I don't know who Mary Nolan is and I don't think it is on yet (I don't watch a ton of Food Network anymore) but doesn't Chic and Easy sound a little like Lisa's concept from TNFNS? I may have to look for this to see what it is like just for a comparison. Is it just a coincidence that there is a show centered around the internet (Ask Aida) and then this Chic and Easy concept? Did the Food Network take all 3 concepts from the TNFNS finalists, can 2 of them and get all three shows? When was TNFNS filmed? Maybe I am full of it but to me it looks suspicious.

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                                                      1. re: mike1823

                                                        Interesting point.

                                                        The other thing, and I'm not certain of this, but I do think I heard that the way they found Mary Nolan was that she sent in her tape for NFNS and someone one (Tishman?) thought she was so good, rather than compete to give her her own show.

                                                        Uh, can you say "big mistake"?

                                                      2. Wow, I'll have to do a new post on what I've heard since April are the rest of the new shows that are supposed to be on between now and December. :)