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Apr 15, 2008 04:24 PM

The New Food Network Shows for This Year

Hello. I'm new here and this is my first post. That said, I'm making sure I follow the rules as I understand them which are:

"Posts which link directly to blog entries without adding any useful information to the site will be removed - copy or encapsulate your blog posts on Chowhound so readers can read and respond within our community."

So, to add new news ... I've published the latest annoucements of food shows that will be on the Food Network this year at

In short those shows include:

• Chic & Easy with Mary Nolan

• Anne Burrell's Secrets of a Restaurant Chef

• Bobby Flay's Griil It!

• Feasting on Waves, a nautical successor to Alton Brown’s food travelogue, Feasting on Asphalt.

• The Chef Jeff Project, an aspiriational series in which drug-dealer-turned-chef Jeff Henderson works with kids who want to be cooks.

• Eat the Clock, an “Amazing Race”-type road competition centered around food

• An untitled show featuring Alex Guarnaschelli, chef at the New York restaurant, Butter.

• Food Sleuths, a food-mythology show that will seek to answer culinary questions like whether chewing gum sticks to one’s intestines when swallowed

• Chopped, food competition program that will pit four contestants against each other to find the nation’s top sous chef.

So what does everyone think of the FN lineup for the rest of the year? (Or at least the next six months)? Obviously they'll be doing a fourth season of The Next Food Network Star this summer too.

Good stuff? Bad stuff? Same old same old?

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  1. Looking forward to Feasting on Waves most.

    Also, eat the clock and bobby flay's new show sound intriguing.

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Some do sound interesting.

      I know that they have more cake competitions in the works.

      Flay, nothing new there, is simply a rehash of what he already has been doing for years.

      Food sleuths sounds like spin off of 'Unwrapped'.

      I wonder what kind of background checks they have been doing. And I'm and very curious as to what kind of nutjobs will be on TNFNS. Last season the they out did themselves on that score.

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      1. re: Withnail42

        I'd like to add to my previous post. I am very curious in seeing Alex Guarnaschelli's show. She is a very interesting and intelligent chef. I do not think that she is the giggle and jiggle type. Can't see her randomly using any sort of accent. Nor do I envision her giving us any sort of expose on 'lifesavers'. In sort she just doesn't fit into any current FN molds. I have some (tentative) hope for this one.

        1. re: Withnail42

          It's intresting that you point out about AG's show that she is not giggle and jiggle, because that was exactly what I was thinking about Anne Burrell (is there something about the initials AB? bourdain, alton, now ane?). She is a very competent, spunky person, but she is not giada, rachael or Sandra....

          1. re: dagoose

            I really am not familiar with Anne Burrell. So can't really comment on her. But from what I have heard I am curios about her show.

        2. re: Withnail42

          This Bobby Flay show is like a reverse of Throwdown with a dash of Tyler's Ultimate. He invites people to join him in grilling. I watched an episode the other night: he and a Mexican chef made shrimp dishes. The poor chef looked so nervous, but it was enjoyable to see them take the same ingredients and make something different from them. And it's coincidently (of course, there are no coincidences) the name of a new cookbook.

          1. re: brendastarlet

            I think this has been a great show. Not sure why I like it, I think I like the guests up to this point.

            The Indian guy that came on and made the hoagies was fantastic, he should have been on Next Food Network Star.

        3. I love anne burrell, she is so cool, I hope her show lives up to her attitude. She was cooking in her restaurant when we were in there a few months ago, and she just seems awesome!

          1. oh man, i hadn't heard about feasting on waves. alton brown continues his tradition of being awesome and making compelling food television. any word on when it starts?

            1. Don't forget Cooking for Real with Sunny Anderson: