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Apr 15, 2008 04:08 PM

KOSHER Foods at Kroger available in Columbus, OH

The Kroger store at Whitehall took over the slack when the Kosher store in the Town & Country went under. They have everything you will need esp kosher butter/margarine. Here is a link to that store.

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  1. That's a good thing to know. The kosher offerings at both Kroger and Meijer in the Dayton area are fairly sparse. I had a heck of a time finding Hanukkah candles the last couple years, let alone much else.

    1. Kroger held a taste test Tues evening at the store in Whitehall for their kosher foods. Unfortunately, they don't have any chopped liver. When I asked if they will make it fresh in their kosher deli, they said they will only keep a frozen version.

      What an irony to be shopping there. As a child growing up in Columbus, I remember Martin's, the kosher butcher/deli at its location on E. Broad St. in Eastmoor. Then, Martin Godofsky opened up a much larger kosher grocery store in Town & Country, now the location of the Whitehall Kroger. Irv Szames, who bought the store from Martin, relocated the store back to the strip shopping center in Eastmoor. So now Kroger is taking over again in that location.

      The weekly newspaper, the Jewish Standard, has written several articles stating how unique this is for Kroger to devote so much space to kosher food, including kosher meat and deli. As a Jewish community, it is very important to support Kroger, otherwise we run the risk of NOT having any outlet in Columbus for fresh kosher meat or deli. I hope someone will have the smarts to market the kosher meat and deli to the Muslim community as well. Kosher products satisfy their need for halal meat.

      The turn out for the tasting Tues evening seemed pretty strong. The prices seemed a little higher than Bexley Kosher, but hopefully the buying power of Kroger will keep things in line. I don't see any issues with the health dept. or cleanliness that was recently associated with Bexley Kosher. Kroger won't stand for that. The management team was there in force to answer questions/concerns and seemed interested in bringing in new products. Let's wish them a Mazel Tov and a prayer for future success!