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Apr 15, 2008 03:24 PM

Pro cook wants to know- Rome, what should I see?

I will be in Rome for the weekend. My wife is otherwise occupied and I am going to be free to roam; given 2 full days of doing whatever I please, what would you do? We'll then have 2 days of hardcore sightseeing, etc. I have been reading your posts with interest. Thanks for taking the time.


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  1. What are you interested in ??? CHurches, the Vatican, restaurants or kitchen supply stores?? I can think of a million different places that are lovely to see ... but the most important places to go are places that have your favorite restaurants and wine bars nearby so you can have lunch, coffee, glass of wine at a different place after each stop. My family LOVES the beautiful churches, the museums and the sites with beautiful, historic free art -- like the Michelangelo statues at the Ste Maria Sopra Minerva and the St. Peter in Chains churches -- both of which are very close to favorite restaurants -- La Piazzetta, Casa Bleve, and Ristorante Fiammetta. I just returned from a BEAUTIFUL week in Rome and we loved it ... the sites, the sounds, the food, the wine....!! Ciao!!

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      Me and my sweetheart are also off to Rome - I've been culling info for a few weeks from this board. Do you know if to dine at Fiammetta on Monday (if open) we'd need to make reservations?

    2. I just spent 8 days in Rome over the Easter holiday with my husband and some friends. I'm a (former) professional chef, so I love to check out markets when I travel.
      Campo di Fiori is pretty, but also touristy. Still, it's worth a look.
      I really enjoyed Testaccio market which is much more of a local's market. From there, we walked to Volpetti, fine purveyor of all things cheese and cured meat.
      I haven't done a dining report here yet, but if you want to see my travelogue, including photos of all the makets and meals, you can check out my website:
      Go to "Rome 03/08". Photos of the Testaccio market and Volpetti are on Day 6. Campo di Fiori is on Day 2.

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        Thank you Wired. I am indeed after information about supply stores, markets, charcuterie, etc. Anything food that is exceptional.

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          Wonderful site! I just took a look and it's giving me a loy of excitement for my trip next week!

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          Ohmygod, wired, I've just now realized I replied to your fodor's post with a suggestion about your spaghetti recipe, and you're a chef. How incredibly embarassing! Mi dispiace!

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            Hazel-Yes, that's me! :-)
            And don't worry, I wan't offended at all. Your suggestion was sound, and I'd thought of the same, only too late!

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              if you are near the Vatican, right by the Cipro stop on Via Cipro is my "local food corner." Una Gastonomia - La Tradizione - a much lauded cheese/meat place, although not as famous as Volpetti. The men who run it are incredibly nice and so enthusiastic about the food. Next door their is a wonderful bakery - La Bonta Del Pane, and across the way closer, there is a take-away pizza place - amazing - Pizzarium. Even just a taste of their pizza bianca is worth the trip. All the places are written up in Gambero Rosso, which I realized long after going there. It is a fun little area if you are near the Vatican and feel like tasting a bit of this and that.

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