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Apr 15, 2008 03:17 PM

where to buy good fresh pizza dough in brooklyn

A recent Di Fara's post motivated me to finally pull that pizza stone gift out of my closet to give it a try in the oven. While I no doubt want to make my own dough in the future, my wife suggested I buy some good quality pizza dough for my first few runs. Any suggestions? I'm along Ocean Parkway one mile below Church Ave but travel easily.

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  1. We usually get our dough from Pizza Plus in Park Slope on 7th Avenue b/w 10th and 11th. I haven't gotten dough from Bene's on PPSW, but their pizza is very good for a neighborhood slice so I suspect their dough would do the trick and it's closer to you.

    I've never really been a make my own dough kind of person, but I found a recipe on Slice that was easy and really worked well for me with my limited experience. Here's a link to my post about making my own DiFara's tribute pie: Good luck in your pizza making endeavors! :)