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Apr 15, 2008 02:44 PM

Badoit in LA?

I just came back from France and fell in love with Badoit sparkling water. I am craving it, but can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where it is available in the LA/OC area? I am willing to drive for a case of this stuff!!! Thanks in advance.

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  1. oh hahahaha! the same exact thing happened to my husband and i when we came home from our honeymoon in paris!

    we found Badoit at Monsieur Marcel in the farmers market in Hollywood.

    i have also found it at Streit's Gourmet on Abbot-Kinney in Venice :)

    hope this helped!

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    1. re: stacyface

      I'm guessing you mean Stroh's Gourmet on Abbot Kinney... haven't been in a while but yes, he did carry Badoit when I was last there... They're on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Santa Clara - about halfway between California and Westminster...

    2. I've seen Badoit at Wine House in the past--but I'd call first.

      Wine House
      2311 Cotner Avenue
      Phone: 310.479.3731


        Both regular and extra-strength are available, but buyer beware (scroll to the top of that thread to see who I'm talking about).

        1. i buy badoit every week at Vicente Foods. (310) 472-5215. 12027 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049
          also you can get it home delivered through (more expensive but works great
          )good luck and enjoy it!

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          1. re: osny

            thanks! I found it there today, and the price is pretty good too!

            The Wine House does not carry it anymore. fyi.

          2. Gelson's, Bevmo, Maybe Vendome