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Favorite Dinner of Seduction......

I know this has probably been asked countless times, but- I am cooking for the first time for the possible new boyfriend and he is definitely on the shy side. Looking for your favorite dinner of seduction...you know, the one that " sealed the deal" with your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend on that first critical date night. Also hoping to keep it on the easier side in terms of preparation or can do ahead of time- just don't want to spend the entire night in the kitchen (unless he's there with me:-)) Thanks in advance for the help!
Also should mention the dinner will be taking place this Thursday night!

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  1. One of the sexiest meals I have ever had with my now husband was a seafood paella for two. It can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be. I generally use whatever seafood is freshest in my area moreso than following a recipe. Also, a large pitcher of sangria is a must.
    That recipe will give you an idea of the method.

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      I should also say to not worry too much. I bet your guy will think it's sexy and appreciate the effort no matter what you make.

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        Smelling like seafood, though... Hmmm....

      2. One of my good friends swears by lasagna.

        First of all, you can make it the day ahead of time so you're not running around stressed in the kitchen (which may free you up to make more elaborate appetizers or cocktails if you feel like showing off your skills).

        Second of all, no one doesn't like lasanga. And you can customize it according to his favorite ingredients.

        Finally, since it will be baking when he arrives, the house will be full of heady tomato/cheese/garlic aromas that set the stage for sensual experiences.

        Good luck with whatever menu you decide...!

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          Don't forget a really good red wine to go with it! That might seal the deal. Do you know his preferences in wine?
          When I was quite young, like about forty years ago, an Italian told me the way to a woman's....heart, was a good bottle of red wine. He said they got "roller heels".

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            I like the pasta idea, Absonot- I had that idea as a possibility in my mind already- I usually do my very simple red sauce from scratch and have that amazing smell wafting through the apartment when my company arrives- plus, they say that garlic is an aprodisiac! I am loving seeing what things make different people happy. I also subscribe to the red wine = pleasant evening too.

          2. Hmmm... I am usually cooking for the Female palette... what would do it for me?

            > Damiana based cocktail paired with a spicy Tuna Tartare sopecito

            Followed by

            > Tequila Blanco paired with Oysters on the Half Shell with a little raw tomatillo-serrano salsa

            Followed by

            Camarones a la Diabla & Cucumber Agua Fresca

            For dessert.... licking on a Guanabana sliced in half lengthwise that has been soaked with Malvasia Bianca... while watching my hostess work on a chocolate covered chilled fried plantain.

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                Eat_Nopal, this is a 007 level seduction menu. I needed a moment alone after reading it. Sadly, I am guessing that my friend coming for dinner may never achieve the level of sophistication necessary to appreciate a menu like this........very creative using Damiana!

              2. For me, it's more about dessert. Skip the chocolate, it's cliche.

                Get some big, juicy, fresh turkey figs, slice them in half lengthwise, dip the cut halves in sugar and broil until they're all brown and caramelized. Serve over extremely pricey french vanilla ice cream with crushed almonds (toasted ahead of time). Now that I think of it, some good sea salt might not be amiss in there (maybe with the almonds?). Cover the broiling pan with foil; burnt sugar is pretty hard to get off a pan.

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                  i'm with bunburyist that it's all about dessert. however, chocolate can definitely be the way to go, when done right:

                  - fondue pot & skewers
                  - good chocolate melted with a bit of cream or evaporated milk [for smoothness], a dash of pure vanilla extract, and a pinch of espresso powder
                  - chunks or slices of assorted fruits & berries

                  there's something very seductive about it...plus it has the potential to become interactive ;)

                  have a wonderful time, and good luck!

                2. Really depends on the person, but for DH, it would probably have to be a big hunk of meat like steak. I think gnawing on the bones brings out the animal side in him.

                  1. Chocolate may be a cliche, but I once got a marriage proposal after serving this dessert:


                    1. Ah, yes, the best way to a man's heart ... one of the simpler meals I did was a pesto/goat cheese stuffed chicken breast, with some roasted potatoes, a bit of simple salad, and for dessert, chocolate mousse. Ah, memories!

                      1. My personal favorite is a couple dozen oysters grilled just until they pop, melted butter, crusty bread and a nicely chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. The hubs and my favorite thing to do on the first warm day of spring.

                        warning: make sure your seducee loves oysters! :)

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                          I think the oysters, in whatever form, are a great idea. Most men will make the connection with them and virility. Don't know your age or experience but guys that are the shy, silent type can be the most passionate and sexiest (when you are alone)!

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                            Its not just virility... the texture is reminiscent of a woman... so I think of it as quite a provocative statement.

                        2. I would make a nice Italian or French meal. I like everyone's ideas with oysters. Then maybe something nice with veal - veal marsala is my favourite. I would not make a huge hearty meal or he be too full to play later ;) I would keep it simple all the way through to dessert. Can't go wrong with a very good ice cream and garnishes.

                          1. My go to meal tends to be risotto. I don't really eat meat, so it's a good choice to make sure I get some food.

                            My SO had dinner at my place for the first time (well, that involved real cooking beyond pasta) and I made sundried tomato/lemon risotto, roasted asparagus, and grilled portabellas topped with pesto and smoked gouda, then broiled to melt the cheese.

                            I also baked chocolate cupcakes....

                            I can't wait to cook for him again:) He is also a vegetarian, so it should be interesting!

                            1. When you dine together, what does he love and crave? Does he talk about food like some of us, if so just listen and do that (your own way). The fact that you made "his favorite" will be the seduction you are looking for. You will have to let us all know what you decided on.

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                              1. Oysters, absolutely. But learning to shuck them by Thursday is problematic. Do your best, or have them done.
                                On the back end of the meal, (trust me just this once), ANY dessert that requires whipped cream from a can. The fraulein of my life was extraordinarily resourceful with the remainder of a can of whipped cream on our second date.

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                                  Second date?! Tisk, tisk Fraulein Veggo...=)

                                2. Champagne; gotta have champagne (or the domestic equivalent). And food you eat with your hands: a couple of dozen oysters on the half shell, cold asparagus with homemade aioli, really good fresh strawberries. No utensils. If he doesn't like oysters, grilled chicken gives you the opportunity to borrow one of Grace Kelley's best lines (from To Catch A Thief: "would you like a leg or a breast?").

                                  Subtle, no. But this is a guy we're talking about, right?

                                  1. For a first date, with a shy guy, I'd make something easy to eat. I remember a date where there was corn on the cob in soup and whole cornish game hen--not an easy meal to eat w/out a mess. I'd do something simple like surf and turf: seared sea scallops and steak or something along those lines. Roasted asparagus so it can be in the oven already (if you can get it right now). I'd also keep it light--there's no worst feeling that being weighed down and on a date. Just for the name, you could do man catcher brownies:


                                    1. ok...

                                      There is a big difference between seduction food, and "I am still out to impress" food.

                                      Anything that required licking, slurping or using your hands is GREAT seduction food, but there's nothing more off putting than a slurpy pasta stain, or a gobbet of tzatziki running down your arm from a rogue souvi!

                                      While oysters and other seafoods scream "do me, baby!", they are also foods that SOME people are not used to or are allergic too...

                                      Seen Hitch??

                                      Nothing more likely to kill that lovin' feelin' than anaphylaxis.

                                      My tip... a platter of tapas-style food, so you can winsomely offer him a few different things, so as to gauge his likes and dislikes.. and there's NOTHING sexier than being fed something from a prospective lover's fingers.

                                      And go light on the dessert... no-one want to get boinky on a stomach straining with digestion.

                                      Or you can completely ignore my advice and meet him at the front door in a negligee with a pot of Chocolate body paint in your hand... ;)

                                      1. Unless you know he's a serious foodie I'd try for a simple menu. I won my DH over with beef carbonnades over garlic mashed potatoes. He still gets starry eyed when he thinks of it. For dessert I'd suggest chocolate mousse - with whipped cream.

                                        1. It depends on his experience and tastes. If he is somebody that is confident in tearing apart a lobster, I would boil a few whole lobsters. This gives the opportunity for interactive feeding and also - if you so desire - gives him the opportunity to feed his macho when the shell is too hard to crack by the all so delicate female sitting next to him. ; ) Serve with melted butter and a simple baked potato. Don't cook the lobster until after he arrives - so he does not walk into a fishy smelling house/apartment. You can also play up the feminine role by asking him to put the live lobsters in the pot of water, since you just can't bring yourself to kill a living thing. Or make it fun by holding "lobster races" on the floor prior to cooking. Something to break the ice.

                                          If whole lobster doesn't work for you, I would choose surf n turf with lobster tails and a couple of filets. If you have a grill you can get him involved with the grilling, which also plays up the macho thing and gets him involved in the meal.

                                          You might want to have some spiced nuts, grapes, cheese, crackers, etc. to munch on before hand. Having something to munch on might make him more comfortable right from the start.

                                          I would start dinner with an arranged salad with blanched aspargus and sliced tomatoes over baby greens with a good homemade vinegarette. Marinade the aspargus and tomatoes in the vinegarette before hand and arrange over greens just before serving. Top with some chopped chives or scallions and shards of parm. cheese. Looks fussy and impressive, but is simple and can be mostly made ahead.

                                          Again interactive for dessert with chocolate fondue and strawberries/other fruit. Or just simply chocolate dipped strawberries. No chocolate is NOT cliche.

                                          1. Well, final menu ended up being fresh buffala mozarella cheese and blackened red pepper salad ( a kind of variation on insalata caprese), a chicken dish cooked within an envelope of tin foil with fresh herbs white wine and cream- it came out very tender-various nibbles as apps. and took the strawberry suggestion for desert. I was very happy with it- thanks for the advice!