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Apr 15, 2008 02:32 PM

Group meal easy access from downtown and McCormick place

I am responsible for planning a group meal in May for about 30 people who are staying all over the city. From Hyatt Regency McCormick place to downtown. Looking for recommendations for somewhere that might let us all order off the menu or only restrict it a small amount. Probably would like to keep the cost to no more than $25/person not counting alchohol. We really like more casual places where it is OK if we get slightly loud and rowdy. We are a group of nurses in town for a convention.

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  1. Anyplace in Greektown. I know the Parthenon (314 S. Halstead) has family style and party style options for $25.95 per person. The Parthenon is my favorite place in Greektown and I have done the per person for a birthday a few years back. Great deal!

    Here's a link to the metromix website for their hours/menu

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      Greek Town is the first thing I thought of in that price range, too. You may want to check the websites for the various Greek restaurants there, many of which will show banquet pricing. You can find links to all the websites in the discussion at