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Apr 15, 2008 02:30 PM

Very good wonton & char siu noodles @ Hung Tao, Bayswater, London

Char siu, the Cantonese style glazed roast pork, has the the right flavour, and is of the appropriate cut. It's not the absolute best of its kind (have had slightly fattier versions, with a more exquisite glaze), but it's damn good for what it is.

Wontons are also very good -- plump shrimp, cooked just right. A nice flutter of the skin that reminds one why the name translates to "swallowing clouds."

Got them with the dry stewed noodles (lao1 mian2) in a pleasant braising sauce, slightly sweet with dark spices -- noodle could be more al dente but that's being nitpick.

The soup that come with it isn't bad too; not the standard shrimp soup (it might be pork bones).

Standard drink is a respectable jasmine from loose leaves.

For the budget minded, nearly all noodles are under £5 (just a handful between £5-6 among the dozens).

Makes me want to check out the other places in the area.

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  1. great stuff, gotta try it soon. next time around in the area pls check out the malaysian students canteen - i'd love to compare/contrast your take on that with my take on the indian ymca.

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    1. re: howler

      Yeah - that's on my list too after reading about it here.

      1. re: howler

        What is the exact address for this malay place ? Any opinion on what's worth while and what to avoid ?

        1. re: anil

          It's at 30-34 Queensborough Terrace, Bayswater. Haven't tried yet...hoping to go soon.

      2. Crikey, is that place still going? Well done them. I remember being taken there as a teenager in the 70s and having my first ever smashed-up duck. The waistline's never looked back!

        1. Adding on, the shrimp dumplings are also good, crunchy veins of black fungus and perfectly cooked shrimp. Roast duck ranks as good not great.