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Apr 15, 2008 02:23 PM

Local restaurants - North York Centre

What are some good local, independent (no big chains) restaurants in the North York area?

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  1. Little farther north on Yonge is a good Italian restaurant named Mezza Notte. I routinely order their pizza when I'm in that area at a friends house.

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      I agree Mezza Note is the place for Italian. Asian Legend for northern Chinese. There's an inexpensive Taiwanese place next door that’s cheap and cheerful. The small Thai Basil’s menu of basic Thai is fine for a lunch place. If you like Korean restaurants and Korean sushi places you are in luck. Korean restaurants are really the only destination places. I like the ones I’ve been in, but I am a Korean food neophyte, perhaps someone else could chime in. Sapporo Sushi on Yonge and Ichiban closer to Sheppard on Spring Garden aren’t bad for their price break. Skip the buffet at Cuisine of India. The wings at St Louis are OK. Frankly, there are a lot of mediocre restaurants in this area, especially closer to Sheppard.