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Bakery in Dutchess County

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Does anyone know of any great bakeries in Dutchess County?

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  1. The Village Pastry Shop (formerly of Bronxville across from Lawrence Hospital) has moved up to the Town of Wappinger. They even brought their old ovens with them. They are on Route 376 in the Summerlin Plaza right on the border of Hopewell and Wappinger. IMO, they are really first rate using high quality and fresh ingredients.

    1. i'm partial to pastry bakery (2 stores in pok, one on route 9, one next to adams). but i think you're coming from nyc? i don't know if there are any comparable to there; for example, there's no bagel place up here that's remotely close to the north jersey / nyc bagels.

      also, where in dutchess? that covers a lot of ground.

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        I really like the Pastry Garden too. Their chocolate mousse supreme cake is amazing. My friends clamor for it. =) Along with the stores Bob mentioned, Sugar and Spice in Wappingers Falls (next to Quackles and Joe's Italian Marketplace) is also a Pastry Garden offshoot.

        I have to agree with Bob about the bagels. After going to Columbia Bagels and H & H in the city, the bagel scene up here is terrible.

        I like The Bakery in New Paltz too, but mainly it's because I love their brownie bites. There's also a Bread Alone (http://www.breadalone.com/) in Rhinebeck that I like.

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          Thanks for the tips! I am going to try the Village Pastry Shop, I've never been there before... I've tried Pastry Garden and they are OK, but I was not overly impressed. (My parents had my engagement party in Poughkeepsie and ordered a napolean cake from them and it came frozen...)

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            You must try the hazelnut linzer tart cookies.

      2. the bakery at mckinney and doyle in pawling is wonderful

        1. If you've taken the train up from the city and ended up in Poughkeepsie, Cafe Aurora is a hop skip and a jump from the Metronorth station. It has great Italian pastries and is a pleasant place to have a cup of coffee. There are a lot more bougie places to get sweets in Duchess County but there aren't many more authentic places.

          Also, Babycakes across from the Vassar campus has some great pastries. If you don't mind rubbing shoulders with some college students, the almond croissants are particularly good.

          1. You must try Homespun Foods, on Main Street in Beacon. Wonderful baked goods as well as a nice cafe for lunch.

            1. Truthfully, I have only tried some of their cookies (which were very good) and none of their cakes and pastries yet, but Los Hornitos Bakery on Route 9 in Wappingers (http://www.loshornitosbakery.com) has pastries, cakes, pies, cookies, etc...some in the Cuban style, and they all look absolutely delicious at reasonable prices. Worth a try! The next time I have to bring a cake or pie somewhere, I am definitely getting it from there. Their food (again, from what I have tried) is also very good, I've had the Cuban sandwich and steak sandwich so far, and I can't wait to go back.

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                Thanks everyone - I will try and report back!

              2. My mom swears by Mario's Bread in Hopewell Junction. They have brick oven baked breads. They are at the intersection of 82 and 376 (on 82 across from the gas station) in a very small shopping plaza.

                1. My mom swears by Mario's Bread in Hopewell Junction. They have brick oven baked breads. They are at the intersection of 82 and 376 (on 82 across from the gas station) in a very small shopping plaza. I also forgot there is a great Italian bakery on 82 at Sylvan Lake Rd in Arthursburg. The baker is from Sicily. Every time I visit my parents I have to go and try something new. Sorry, I can't remember the name.

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                    Thanks! I've been to Mario's and they do have great bread! I will check out that bakery in Arthursburg - it sounds great! I cant wait to come upstate and try all of these places!