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Besides Boca Burgers

What are some meat substitutes, please? I have gotten tired of Boca product. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I always really liked the Morningstar Farms imitation chicken patties. On a potato roll with some mayo and pickles, yum. Cheese is good on it too.

    1. I'm particularly fond of the Quorn products. I like the breaded "chicken" patties and the "chicken" patties stuffed with cheese.

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        Quorn really is very good but just a note that they are not vegan.

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          Good to know, about the vegan part (in case I'm using that for vegan friends). I recently discovered that I do *not* like the Quorn "sausage" links. Ick. I'll stick with the Boca "sausage" breakfast patties instead, on the rare occasion that I want something like that.

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            To me Quorn only seems to do fake chicken well. I'm not a vegetarian but I love Quorn chicken nuggets.They taste just as good as the real thing.

      2. I don't eat boca burgers or meat substitutes anymore, but I've heard good things about Dr. Praeger's. I've had it once and it was too long ago to remember, but I thought it was decent.

        Oh, and not a meat substitute but you may want to try tempeh. I know some people who are big meat eaters love tempeh.

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          I don't eat Boca or the meat substitutes either but we've picked up those Dr Praeger burgers at Costco a few times...they're actually quite good.

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            I got some Dr. Praegers at Trader Joe's and I was unimpressed. Not horrible, just not anything special. I didn't like the texture, which may have been part of my general dislike for the product.

              1. I like Morningstar Famrs Sausage Patties, or Soysage as me and my hub call them, as well as the Garden Veggie Patties. You definitely have to cook the garden veggie burger in the oven though for the texture to be good.

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                  We call them soysage too!

                  I also like the Morningstar "chicken" nuggets. We call those chicken snacks. I think they are better than other ones I've tried. And we get Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers which I think are very good.

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                    I tried a newish Boca product recently, the bruschetta burger, and it's petty good with a bit of marinara on top.

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                      I just made these for the roommate and myself last night, we also put marinara sauce on top, and a little parmesan cheese.

                      They were just a little dry to me, but I upped the marinara sauce and I really enjoyed them. They do have a nice tomato taste and decent texture. The roommate dubbed them "FANtastic."

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                      My husb recently became a veg, and I am the cook of the household, so I have been trying different things lately. Just tried the morningstar farms sausage patties this morning, they are quite good, I agree. I also like Lightlife's chicken style strips, good for stirfies and stuff like that. They have a decent chew and actually taste like something chicken-ish.

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                        I agree. I am certainly not a vegetarian...but I make the most delicious "egg mcmuffins" with the morning star sausage patties and feel good a about doing it.

                      2. People are going to think I work for Field Roast - I mention them each time there is this question. Their products are incredibly delicious. Sometimes a little hard to find. In NC I find them at Earth Fare & Whole Foods. I mainly use their sausages, but the "roast" is excellent too. The only fake meat products I use!


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                          cannot find Field Roast near me..awell..

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                            If you do find a supplier load up - it freezes very well!

                        2. I like the "Health is Wealth" imitation chicken nuggets. They're a remarkably good imitation. A little scary, really.

                          1. I love Quorn products. And to prove how realistic they are -- my cats do too. They absolutely freak when I cook Quorn stuff. Some people have reactions to the mycoprotein, though, so be aware of that.

                            I also really like Gardenburger's "Burger style" patties. (I think that's what they call them. Maybe it's "Classic style.")

                            Morningstar Farms buffalo wings are an excellent snack food at 1 AM.

                            1. I second (third? fourth?) the Morningstar rec. I love their breakfast links and eat them regularly, even though I'm no longer a vegetarian. I also like their tomato & basil, mushroom lover's, and spicy black bean burgers. Oh, and I practically lived off their corn dogs for an entire summer during college!

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                                I find Morningstar greasy so I pat them with a papertowel. Dr. Praeger's is delicious for the Bombay Burgers and Spinach patties but again, greasy. Isn't Quorn made with some fungus product? I am prone to Candida so want to avoid that.

                              2. I also love Dr. Praegers - my favorite veggie burgers. Morningstar seems to be covered - but I do also love the veggie bacon and chik'n strips they make. If you live near a Trader Joes - I love the Trader's brand soy nuggets (frozen, yellow box). You can get Lightlife (or is it Yves) "sausage" or "ground beef" in tubes in the refrigerator natural section of many grocery stores (they look like a tube of polenta). For sandwiches I really like Tofurkey slices (but there are many other types of veggie "deli meat". Tempeh and Seitan are easy to prepare and can be used in place of meat in a dish but aren't really what I would call "meat substitutes". Generally I just use tofu in almost any recipe in place of meat.

                                1. Morningstar Farms products contain GMOs. Who KNOWS exactly what they're doing to your "chicken" patty. 86 the Morningstar and grab some Quorn. It not only tastes better, it's much more natural (GMO-free) and tastes 1000 times better.

                                  The Dr. Praeger patties are GMO-free also, and the Bombay ones are ridiculously good.

                                  Boycott Morningstar Farms!

                                  1. I recently tried the Vegetable Masala Burger from Trader Joe's. Flavor is good. Texture is not burgerish - it is softer with less chew. There is no soy, for those who avoid it. Cooks up fast, tastes nice with mango chutney. I'll be keeping a stash of these for quick snacks/small meals!

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                                      Try Yves Veggie (http://www.yvesveggie.com/) products. The guy who started Yves Veggie sold it and now has a new company (http://www.gardenprotein.com/) producing meat analogs. Both products can be found at Trader Joe's stores. Products made by the "new" company (Garden Protein) come in two varieties (beef and chicken) and are quite good...

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                                        Second the Veggie Masala burgers from TJs. Nice Indian flavor, but as meatn3 says, don't expect "meaty" texture. I think the analogs always have a funny taste and the masala burgers don't have that.

                                        If you're up for making your own, and like Indian flavors, look for chickpea patties recipes. Throw ingredients into food processor and mix, then fry them up.

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                                          +1 for the Veggie Masala burgers from TJs. The texture is a bit like mashed potatoes (probably because it _is_ mostly mashed potatoes) but I really like the taste.

                                          Of course, being it does have a very Indian feel, it's not the same as a "standard" Boca or Morningstar patty but it's still delicious.