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Apr 15, 2008 02:06 PM

Kosher in Paris

Has anyone been to Paris recently? I am looking for restaurant recommendations. Glatt and strcitly kosher. We are staying in the ninth arondissment. I would also love suggestions for Shabbat meals, either at restaurants, kosher hotels or take out. We will only be there for a few days so we would like Shabbat meals to be memorable. Thank you so much for you help!

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  1. Les Ailes does prepaid shabbos meals in the restaurant. The food there was good if not outstanding, but it's probably the best choice for shabbos. When I was there they served mostly the same stuff Friday night and Saturday afternoon, so I'd suggest going there for only one of the two main shabbos meals if you can find a good alternative for the other meal.

    On the same block Les Ailes has a bakery that is better than any I've been to stateside, with amazing baguettes and croissants.

    Outside of shabbos, there are several other fantastic restaurants scattered all over Paris. An Indian place called Darjeeling jumps to mind but there are many others. This question has been asked and answered a few times on this board, so your best bet is to search for those threads as the info is mostly still accurate.

    You should also check the kosher restaurant database on I read just about every entry before I went to Paris and I found the comments to be helpful and accurate.

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        Queena, there are already several threads on the board about this subject. Do a search on this board under "Paris" (or France) or a search of the whole site under Kosher Paris or Kosher France.

        You will also find lovely kosher groceries in Paris including goat cheese, charcuterie, pâté.

        If you are searching in French Kosher is often spelled Kasher, Cacher or Cachère - but the Manger cachère site is and is at least theoretically also in English, for visitors.

        Joyeux Pessah, en passant.

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          Thank you so much for the suggestions.