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Table 8?

Anyone been recently? Worth a trip?

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  1. don't know why but my post from last month about table8 is now gone (at least i can't find it). so are all the posts about the new recession concessions menu offered at the restaurant.

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      Weird, I didn't see it either in my initial search of the restaurant. By the way, in brief, what were your thoughts?

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        I went a couple of months ago for the DineLA menu and I thought it was good, but not great. I didn't leave there thinking I had to get back as soon as I could. There are just too many good restaurants in LA for this to be a must-return restaurant for me. If you haven't been there, though maybe it is worth a visit. Just my opinion. . . .

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          I feel the same. Went during the extended DineLA couple of weeks. It was fine at that price, but not great enough to return at their regular prices. Although the cocktails were really good, so I could see myself going back to the bar.

          There is something a little bit grimey about that restaurant, to me. Can't quite pinpoint it, maybe it's the cheap wood in the furniture.

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            Maybe in its new location on Melrose just west of Crescent Heights the furniture will improve, and the look should definitely be different. Table 8 is moving to the former Moustache Cafe/Chocolat location, per Lesley Balla at EaterLA.

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          chowhound moderators were nice enough to notice my post about the missing thread and proceeded to email me part of my review:

          My visit was last Thu. I was disappointed to see the ribeye replaced by flatiron on the RC menu. Food was good overall. $18 Wine pairing was a little haphazard: chardonnay, syrah, prosecco for the app, entree, dessert no matter what you ordered from the prix-fixe options. My biggest complaint would be the portion size. I thought the items from the special deal would be normal size from the regular menu but they weren't. Granted I've never dined at Table8 before, but the app and entree portions were closer to tasting menu. The carpaccio didn't look kobe to me, american wagyu or otherwise. Nonetheless, the 2 playing card portion was tasty. Flat iron consisted of 4 precut slices fanned out. Perfectly cooked to order and seasoned well. The poached sea trout came in a more generous portion. Didn't really taste the olive oil aspect of it nor did I like the consistency of the flesh from the poaching (prefer other cooking methods for fish).

      2. i went about a month ago and loved it. i pre ordered the salt crusted porterhouse and it was delicious

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          I had the salt crusted porterhouse when I went last year and, I agree, it was delicious. On other visits, I also enjoy the bar food (which, unfortunetly they don't serve in the main dining room).

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            I believe on Monday nights they offer the lounge menu as well. When I went, it happened to me on a Monday, and I was able to order the grilled cheese sandwich from the lounge menu as an appetizer.

        2. Overall, we had a great experience at Table 8. The cocktails we had while we waited for our table were excellent (I tried the Basil 8) and we ordered the grilled cheese with short rib appetizer, which we really enjoyed. My entree, the crispy chicken breast with short rib hash, was truly wonderful. My husband's steak was so-so. We would go back again.

          1. We went during the DineLA menu too--and had a great time. I honestly can't remember what I had, just that I was really surprised at how good it was. Spent about 20 minutes talking with Govind after too--he was very friendly and nice. The decor could use a de-gothization, however.

            1. 4 of us had dinner 2 weeks ago and concurred that the flavors all merged together with no standouts ... other than the grilled cheese with short rib app which we all agreed was worth a return visit. except this time we'd each get our our grilled cheese a drink and move on for the entree.

              1. Special porterhouse is great, but you must request in advance of your arrival. It's not on the menu, or at least it didn't used to be. I really like the bar menu. It's affordable and good. The regular menu left me lukewarm. For the price, you can do better. They have a serious problem with their red wines too. Serious. They are cooking them. Even by the bottle.

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                  Pardon my ignorance, does "cooking" just mean that they're stored and/or served to warm?

                2. you've probably already made up your mind about this place since the post was from a month ago - - - - but i would not recommend this place. it is WAY too pricey for what they serve. we tried the trout with shrimp (shrimp were v. good and the mashed potatoes with the shrimp were great). the trout was extremely fishy smelling. the seared yellowtail tasted like absolutely nothing. there was no seasoning whatsoever and they served it on a bed of finely sliced unseasoned root vegetables (not great). the ribeye tasted ok, but was fatty. we started with the grilled cheese which is an appetizer but comes out looking like full lunch entree. it was a big sandwich with short rib, a salad, and extremely finely sliced potatoes that are fried and sprinkled with truffle oil. the cheese in the sandwich was very gooey and that was nice but did not have any significant flavor and the grilled bread overwhelmed the shortrib - there was no taste (again!). also, the potatoes were so finely sliced that all it really tasted like was oil - ugh.

                  overall, the desserts were strange. the best thing was the deconstructed cinnamon roll. it was tasty.

                  serve was SLOW. it took us perhaps 3 hours to get through our meal! it was 25 minutes before our drink ordres. . . another 30 before our food orders. it was just crazy. but we were with nice people, so that didn't matter too much.

                  the prices were outrageous for the quality/taste of the food. all of the entrees are about $30. it was just way too much money for something i'd expect to get at a casual bistro for maybe $16-20.

                  the cocktails were quite good - i had a basil 8 which was very very nice. i'd skip dinner and just grab a drink and order something from the lounge menu.