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Apr 15, 2008 01:08 PM

Pie as a Present?

Hi all,

First time poster, but I hear this is a great community glad to become a part of it.

So here's the situation. A great friend of mine and I have discussed making pies together for quite some time. Neither of us have ever actually made a pie, and with her birthday coming up I think it'd be fun to get her/make her a "Beginner's Pie Kit"

1 Pie tin
1 Cook book
Necessary pie ingredients.

Any suggestions on the book or pie tin I should buy? or Any suggestions on how to make the present even that much cooler?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Pie making takes surprisingly little special equipment. A Pyrex pie dish is nice.
    A pastry blender
    Of course, if you have a food processor, that’s better yet.

    Here are a couple of good books. Both are out of print, so you would have to get them through the used book market. The books I’ve gotten that way have usually been just fine. A few times I’ve gotten stung.

    1. I'm not sure how much you want to spend, but Emile Henry's pie pans are beautiful. It also browns the crust nicely.

      If you can try to fit the ingredients in the pie pan and wrap up with a cool kitchen towel.

      1. One of those tapered French rolling pins is nice too.

        1. Maybe something like a silpat to roll the pastry on so it doesn't stick to the counter. But really the essentials are a good pastry blender and a rolling pin. Why not buy the ingredients, too. A good shortening or lard, all purpose flour. The never fail recipe for pastry is a good starting point. The recipe is usually on the box of lard.

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            Sounds like a great present skitzle!! Love the idea of including a silpat and I'm a huge cookbook fan so in my mind you can't go wrong. William Sonoma have some great looking, relatively inexpensive theme cookbooks. Perhaps they have one on pies? I have the muffin one and use it quite a bit.

          2. My favorite book is Carole Walters' Great Pies and Tarts.