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Apr 15, 2008 12:59 PM

Business breakfast in Bethesda

My boss and I are meeting with an important client in downtown Bethesda later this month. Can anyone recommend a breakfast meeting spot -- ideall, a place with quiet and efficient service, not too loud, and near the metro.

Bonus points for places with healthy fare (organic, vegetarian-friendly) and really good coffee!

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  1. Mon Ami Gabi... not sure about the healthy bit, it's french brasserie food. they have a website, you can view the menu there

    1. Daily Grill above the Metro is you best conservative choice.

      Of course, Tastee Diner is the obvious answer if the client has any sense of humor at all.

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      1. re: Pappy

        Thanks guys. It looks like Mon Ami Gabi doesn't do weekday breakfast. I think we're headed to Daily Grill or Tastee Diner!

          1. re: Alba

            I would not call Tastee quiet or healthy.

        1. What about the hotel restaurant inside the Hyatt Regency? Right on top of the metro. Can't vouch for the coffee, but it's typical hotel breakfast, and probably great for a business meeting.

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            What about the Old Georgetown Grill, it's sort of homey, I had a great French Toast made with sliced french baguette, really good and the service is wonderful, lots of regulars there, many, many steps up from Tasty Diner, which I love, but it's in a different strat. Then there's always Le Madeleine, which is not too bad either, for it's style.