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Jul 19, 2002 11:04 AM

Food confessions you'd rather not make.?

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I know its OK to like McDonald's French fries but we all have OTHER secrets. Amongst mine are French Toast from Norms and the deepest secret of all, red beans and rice from Popeyes. Do other Hounds have secrets too?

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  1. The trifecta of crispy, buttery cracker, moist tender turkey and creamy sharp cheddar...Particularly a treat when I'm....well....

    1. Despite being a carnivore, I was developing a serious thing for Morningstar Farms vegetarian riblets, doctored with a bit of Thai barbecue sauce. But now they have disappeared from Trader Joes. My permanent downfall is orange chicken, of the Panda Express sweet, sticky, spicy variety. I'm so devoted to it I once did a Panda Express phone-in survey to discuss quality and possible improvements. But I'm sure there's other restaurants who do it better. Full House and Sam Woo, downtown, for example, are disgustingly tasty.

      1. I kinda like those Entenmann's plastic-chocolate covered donuts. Also, orange chicken (renamed to "Orange Favoriate [sic] Chicken" when I was a junior in high school) from Big Bowl, across the street from my alma mater, Santa Monica (Samohi). I think it was called that because that's all anybody ever ordered. Goopy, and overly sweet, and dumped on top of mediocre lo mein, but it was great. One place that some people might be ashamed of, but that I am proud to frequent, is Tito's Tacos in Culver City, the only gringo tacos I've ever liked.

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        1. re: David Boyk

          Wow, David, I went to Samohi too, how did I ever miss the Big Bowl, after confessing to orange chicken addiction in the post just below. Perhaps it was way after my time. We used to go to the crepe place across the street, it was great. But that was for a date or something. During school, we went to Toms #5 for chili burgers and Sambo's for pancakes and coffee (so sophisticated to ditch school and have coffee instead). Also the Brandywyne Cafe was kind of a primitive espresso bar as I recall...this was the '70s, I hate to say.

          1. re: patty

            and Stan's Donuts (peanut butter pocket) at Santa Monica Place for lunch for seniors with open campus

            1. re: Filmfreaketta

              wow, we certainly didn't have any Santa Monica Place in my day. That was the "bad end" of the mall where our parents warned us not to go. We went to Winchell's on Lincoln during photography class, but my favorite donuts at the time were Arlene's at Santa Monica and Bundy (red and orange frosting!). Can't believe it's a Starbucks now. But I did love Stan's in my UCLA days. Oh, another embarassing confession: buttermilk twizzles, from the UCLA vending machines, warmed slightly in the microwave. Nirvana!

              1. re: patty

                I live in Texas, but years ago worked at UCLA. There was no better way to start the day than with a buttermilk Twizzler. Are they still made? I'd love to contact the manufacturer and have them shipped frozen to me, but haven't been able to remember the name. Yours is the ONLY post on the internet that mentions these delicacies.

          2. re: David Boyk

            Tito's tacos are the best. Crowded, cheap, greasy... Usually I get an order of cheese enchiladas, an extra order of guacamole and wash it down with a giant root beer. The salsa there is positively institutional.

          3. Chicken breast pieces from Jack in the Box. I like it with their buttermilk ranch sauce.

            spicy jack chicken quesadillas from del taco, no green sauce...

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            1. re: tissue

              jack in the box surprisingly has decent jalapeno poppers. (good for a quick fix)

              1. re: ellen

                i agree on the jalapeno poppers
                i'd also add:

                taco bell bean burritos(extra sauce) with a hard shell taco chaser

                tommy's chili cheeseburgers

                wendy's frosties

            2. this will shock you... instant Top Ramen. yep the kind you get for 25 cents at the supermarket. i sometimes simply crave it. sick, i know ;-)

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              1. re: Rio2002

                I completely understand. I prefer the Maruchan brand myself. It soooo hits the spot when I get that occasional craving for MSG...

                1. re: Sonia

                  In the same vein, instant hot and sour wonton soup. So disgustingly salty and vinegary and good. And not quite as much fat and calories as top ramen, although at that point, who's counting.

                2. re: Rio2002

                  I came here to say this! There are times I crave it so badly I could scream. There's something about the salty, carby goodness.

                  1. re: Rio2002

                    +1 although oddly enough I prefer it uncooked. My mom and I used to grab a bag, break off bits of dry noodles, quick lick, dip in seasoning, eat up.

                    1. re: Rio2002

                      Ramen is good stuff, especially if you tart them up with your favorite things. I add shredded black fungus, dried goji berries, and wakame seaweed. I love the seaweed.

                      1. re: EWSflash

                        I love ramen with shitake, shredded carrots, and wilted bok choy, plus chile garlic sauce.

                        1. re: sisterfunkhaus

                          sitting here trying to figure out what's wrong with that.