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Apr 15, 2008 12:33 PM

Stroud's South Open, Fairway, KS

Did someone mention this already? We tried to eat there last night and there was an hour and a half wait. The parking lot was packed and cars lined the street, it was absolutely crazy! We'll definitely try again.

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  1. I didn't really expect to get a table quickly, but thought I would try and went at 7:30 on Saturday (my first mistake) and the wait was three hours!

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Fairway, KS. Re: wait times: sounds like nothing's changed!!

        1. I have so little to brag about it my life, but this one thing - I got to go to the preopening on the Friday before..I think it was a test run. they held a fundraiser there and hubby's office bought a table.
          Anyway - it was awesome - gravy was spot on, the fried gizzards were perfect, friendly staff..and, most importantly, the chicken was hot, never greasy - just good.
          The bar is pretty good sized so they really know how to make some bucks while you wait. Nice bar selection - even some different beer choices (Dunkels, for ex)
          My only bugaboo were the sweet roles came out with the chicken, so they were kind of cold by the time I got to them - but, really not a big deal.
          I'm not sure if this one has more seating than the other, but I doubt it.

          It was nice to go to a fundraiser where the food was good for once!!

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            Glad to know I'm not the only one who loves gizzards. All hail Go Chicken Go! I haven't tried them at Stroud's, but I'll put that on my list!

          2. Looking at the respective menus for the two KC locations, evidently the Fairway location's charging a $1 premium on everything on the menu, compared to the Oak Manor location. Kids meals...$10?
            And the Stroud's in Wichita's a dollar cheaper than the Oak Manor, for essentially the exact same menu. I haven't been to the Wichita Stroud's for a couple years -- my wife and I were trying to have a nice anniversary dinner, and got seated next to the Haysville Hatfields, who were trying to decide if pink wine went with chicken or pork.

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            1. re: podunkboy

              Tried to go Sunday about 1:00 (first mistake), 2 1/2 hour wait and people were waiting. Smelled so good, but we passed. Nothing is worth waiting that long. Maybe in a couple of months............

              1. re: WyCo

                Do you think they do take out? Because, I would happily order one chicken dinner to go.

                1. re: stellamystar

                  They should do take-out no problem, at least they did so regularly at the old location...we took out several times and watched take-out leave while waiting for out tables!

                  1. re: jdl98

                    Good to know - I would love to just get some of their side dishes..that gravy is out of this world. I have Over Done it many times.

                    1. re: stellamystar

                      the kc star just reported today that strouds is not doing takeout during certain hours (i think the dinner rush) because due to demand, the owner wants to make sure in-house diners are satisfied. The article does say if you place your order before these hours, your food will be ready at the time you specify. it also adds this is only temperary and he should have sooned smoothed out operations so this wont be a problem. just thought id let you know.

                      1. re: asiansensation007

                        Thanks for reporting on that......I plan on going there just for the gravy. ! I'm not kidding...

            2. had my first encounter w/ the new stroud's location last saturday. my grandmother is from germany and she's lived in the KC area for over forty years, she had never before eaten at stroud's. we showed up saturday afternoon about ten after twelve and were told our wait time would be anywhere from 45min-1 hr. We ended up waiting only thirty minutes before we were seated and served by our friendly waitress kathy. We split the family dinner that included three pieces of chicken (one large breast piece and two "chefs choice") this came along w/ the famous mashed potatoes and gravy, family style green beans, salad, and cinnamon buns. All was FANTASTIC and nothing less. I really enjoyed the meal as did my Oma. I will definitely venture back again, my boyfriend and I want to eat there together. For the record, they do to-go orders. You get all the fixins too! You need to expect at least thirty minutes wait time for to-go orders. My Oma ordered a dark piece meal to go (4 pieces of dark chicken w/ all the sides). We placed the to-go order about halfway through our meal and it was hot'n'ready when we were ready to leave. Great experience and I would highly recommend it! BTW..did I mention that we somehow scored a front row parking spot at noon on a Saturday?? I know, it's magic!

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                Simple to the Oak Ridge Manor venue. Seems like a 20 minute drive would beat a 3 hour wait any time!