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Apr 15, 2008 12:30 PM

Gold Mirror/Little Joe's ... thoughts?

Two "hearty meal" Italian restaurants that I used to like are "The Gold Mirror," on 18th and Taraval, and "Little Joe's," (Broadway, then Van Ness and now on Turk).

"The Gold Mirror," closed for extensive renovation a few years ago, and "Little Joe's" made its third move a few months ago. I haven't tried either, since their re-openings. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts or reviews.

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  1. Gold Mirror is very nice and old school. Same staff and stiff drinks. Haven't been to the latest Little Joe's, used to frequent the Broadway one near work. I imagine it's still a classic.

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    1. re: NoeMan

      Thank you. I'm glad to hear that it's the same Gold Mirror. I'll have to get to Little Joe's, and report. I would imagine that they are doing a fairly good business...assuming that they have maintained quality...considering that Original Joe's was sidelined by a fire, a few months ago. Original Joe's was my favorite, and when it was near my workplace, we ate there often.

    2. To me, those are two different styles. Little Joe's is in the local tradition of Original Joe's (currently closed pending fire insurance settlement) / Marin Joe's / etc.

      Gold Mirror's menu reads like old-school East Coast red-sauce Italian-American.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Yes, I agree, and recognize the difference in their formats and ambience. I was just wondering if they had undergone significant dining changes with their restoration and move.

        2. I've heard Gold Mirror is pretty darn good for what they do, which is a very specific old style dinner. Your vegetables might be a little watery, and your best choice for an entree will could involve veal. Apparently it's the same as it ever was.