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Apr 15, 2008 12:29 PM

Sam's Club Tuna Steak

I was wandering through my local Sam's Club the other day and they had a "seafood stand" near the normal cooler that stocks the salmon and other assorted seafood. The person had different items on ice, I guess to promote awareness of the products. I did notice that they had tuna steaks available for purchase.

Has anyone had the tuna steaks from Sam's Club? Are they any good? I know that they used to have frozen steaks previously, but this was in the refrigerated area. If you have had them before, how "done" should they be when preparing them as part of a dish? I usually enjoy raw/rare preparations, but I also enjoy avoiding food poisoning a bit more! ;)


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  1. havent seen them but were they cryod?

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    1. re: dano

      The question you need to ask the salesperson at Sam's Club is "has this tuna been treated with CO?" or "has this tuna been gassed with smokeless CO?"

      If it has, I suggest that you avoid. The smokeless CO is a method of preserving the color of the tuna. The results are usually a watermelon red color. The problem is that the customer then has no idea how old the tuna is. This method of preserving color has been banned in Europe, Canada, Japan, and China, but is still permitted in the U.S.A.

      1. re: Yukari

        they would have no clue. all comes cryod as saku.

    2. Go to your local, reputable fish monger. Tuna steaks from WalMart...blech.