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Apr 15, 2008 12:14 PM

Degustation, Aurora, or Boqueria???

New to the board. Planning a birthday for one of the girls. These are the three top choices. (I know they are different). Have been to Boqueria but not the other two. Also looking for a place for drinks afterwards. We are open to any other suggestions for 4 people.

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  1. i like boqueria and aroura alot. i love degustation. see my previous posts!

    1. Food quality is better at Degustation than Aurora, but Degustation might not be comfortable for a group of 4 since you'd be sitting in a line--unless you get corner seats. I haven't been to Boqueria so can't compare.

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        Boqueria does have seating that's more conducive to a party of four. You're right that unless you get the corner seats, Degustation is a no-no. And even if you get the corner seats, I still don't think it's the ideal seating for a birthday party. I preferred the food at Degustation to Boqueria, but they're really different types of food. Boqueria is more traditional Spanish food. I haven't been to Aurora, but I think Boqueria is a good choice for what you're looking for.

      2. I think the food at Aurora is really delicious, and that is your best bet. Relaxed, warm, and fun. Boqueria is a bit too loud and too hectic, and the food a little stingy yet well made and tasty. Two teensy-weensy bread slices to go with an order of cheese.

        1. I love Degustation (probably my favorite restaurant), but it's not a particularly good place for groups. They usually try to take parties of 3 or under so I would suggest Boqueria.