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Andy's BBQ in Fountain Valley

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I stumbled across this while browsing the SF Boards, where Andy's BBQ first location is in Santa Clara. It seems they opened up a 2nd location in Fountain Valley at the beginning of this month, at the old Chris and Pitt's location. Found an article in the OC Register confirming this.

Anybody been there yet?

Andy's Bar-B-Que
15975 Harbor Blvd.
Fountain Valley, CA
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-10pm
closed Sundays


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  1. This place is unreal- soo good we had a new girl pack our to go order and she forgot the bbq sauce and I think we finished before we even missed it..that's how great the seasonings were on the meat soo good!
    you must try their homemade peach cobbler yum and double yum..
    Leaves Chris n' pitts in the dust...
    PS the bbq sauce is sold there too we had to buy some once we tasted it yum!

    1. Mistake on my original post, meant to say that Andy's is closed on Mondays.

      Drove by it last weekend. I'll probably visit in the next week or two.

      1. Thanks for the tip. My parents live around the corner and I've tried Chris n Pitts several times in the past but really didn't care for it. Will definitely try Andys this weekend when I'm visiting them.

        1. Sounds interesting. What're they known for (ribs, brisket, sausage, etc.)? What's up with no pics on the website?

          1. I just tried it for lunch today, full review coming, but suffice to say it was a Disappointment. :(

            Wonginator, Tulsa Rib and Chicago's Best in the OC are still much better, as well as great BBQ places up in LA like Jaybee's (for some items), Baby Blues, heck even Lucilles was better than this place.

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              Exilekiss, sad to read about your disappointing experience at Andy's BBQ. I try to avoid new places in the first month so that they can work out any issues with food and service. That's why I haven't visited yet.

              I look forward to reading your review to see what items you got that were disappointing.

              1. re: Wonginator

                A co-worker and I tried Andy's BBQ for lunch today, and we thought it was good, but nothing great.

                I got the 2-item combo platter, hoping to get some beef ribs, but there weren't any on the menu. Since Exilekiss reported the baby backs and pork spareribs being subpar, I opted for the brisket and pulled pork, with fries on the side.

                The brisket was just OK, a little bit chewy on some pieces, but others being tender and flavorful. The pulled pork was more tastier and tender, I enjoyed these pieces. The fries were very good, being perfectly crisp on the outside, and having the right amount of softness on the inside. The garlic bread was also good, with mine not being as overly buttered as Exilekiss reported in his review.

                While I had a good meal, there was nothing overly impressive or spectacular that makes me want to add this to my restaurant rotation. Lack of beef ribs on the menu is a negative for me, and the brisket wasn't good enough to be a substitute.

                I might visit again if I'm nearby the area, but it's not worth making the drive to visit Andy's BBQ if you live further away. Chicago's Best baby backs are still the best in the area, and Tulsa Rib and Joey's Smokin' satisfy my needs for beef ribs.

                1. re: Wonginator

                  Thanks for your report Wonginator.

                  Sorry to hear about the brisket as well. In the end, the other OC BBQ restaurants mentioned more than exceed what's at Andy's BBQ and makes it not worth a drive out.

            2. [Review] (Pictures attached below)

              I decided to try out Andy's Bar-B-Que in Fountain Valley based on the possibility of a discovering a new, great BBQ restaurant in Orange County. I arrived to a rather inauspicious setting: A really old, run-down setting, and only one other table of people, but it's all about the food at a good BBQ joint, so it was on to the menu.

              I ordered the Combination Platter with a choice of 3 different types of meat. I decided to try their: Baby Back Ribs, Pork Spare Ribs, and the Pulled Pork. It also came with a choice of 1 side dish, and I opted for the French Fries.

              The platter came out and it was gigantic. Portions definitely isn't a problem at Andy's. It was enough to feed two people. The waitress recommended that I have the BBQ Sauce on the side (instead of having the kitchen add it on), which is the style I ordered it in. First up was:

              * Baby Back Ribs: You could smell the smoky flavor, but the Pork Baby Back Ribs were overcooked / dried out. Certain ribs were a little more moist than other ribs in this part of the rack, but overall it was dried out and more salty than anything.

              It should be noted the BBQ sauce that accompanied the plate was very good (rich and smoky and not too sweet). But even when combined with the BBQ sauce (which helped), it couldn't hide the overcooked / dried-out / too salty nature of the Baby Backs.

              Next I tried the:

              * Pork Spare Ribs: Which were slightly more moist than the Baby Back Ribs, but just overly salty. The spice rub / flavor marinade was lacking in the Pork Spare Ribs. It just tasted like Pork roasted in Salt & Pepper, except with a LOT of Salt. Again, dipping it in the BBQ sauce on the side helped, but it was still disappointing.


              * Pulled Pork: Which was the best of the 3 types of meat I tried. The Pulled Pork was really tender in some chunks, and about 30-40% of the pieces near the "edge" of the piece of pork were dried out, chunky. The other downer was that the Pulled Pork tasted Steamed, with no Smoky taste or interesting spices. It was rather plain, but turned out to complement their BBQ sauce really nicely (since it was so plain compared to the overly salty or dried out Ribs).

              The 2 pieces of Garlic Bread that came with the platter were super-oily (excessively soaked in whatever butter/oil mixture that topped it). And the French Fries were ~OK. Nothing special.

              All-in-all, Andy's BBQ in Fountain Valley fell short in 3 major categories of meats with their sub-par Baby Back Ribs, Pork Spare Ribs and the Pulled Pork. I arrived at 12 Noon sharp, so it wasn't as if it was an off-hour that caused this shortcoming. Tulsa Rib Co., Chicago's Best (Irvine), and all the great BBQ places up in L.A. blow away Andy's BBQ, sadly. As a final comparison, I just met up with a friend for dinner at Lucille's Bar-B-Que since it was the closest restaurant in the area we were meeting up. Even Lucille's was far superior to what I had at Andy's for lunch. Truly disappointing.

              Rating: 4.0 (out of 10.0)

              Andy's Bar-B-Que
              15975 Harbor Blvd.
              Fountain Valley, CA