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Apr 15, 2008 12:02 PM

Anyone tried Wicked Bistro in Sharon?

I have heard three rave reviews for the new restaurant on Route 1 in Sharon, just north of Gilette Stadium called Wicked Bistro. It's in the building that was a Bickford's forever. They kept the "deck" outside that was added two years ago, undoubtedly to take advantage of the scenic view of Route 1, the Holiday Inn Express on the other side, and the high speed blur of I-95 traffic beyond and above that. I've heard the witch motif of the street sign is not too evident inside, thankfully. But all three reviews say the food is exceptional. One even said it is Corriander quality at a lesser price. I'm skeptical, but haven't had a chance to go see for myself.

Anyone else tried it?

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Billy Costa (I know, I know) was there...

        oh, and for the record, as a certified 'chowder-snob', I refuse to order it if the it is spelled 'Chowda'. Your mileage may vary... :)

        1. I've been three twice and have enjoyed it very much both times. The food and service were wonderful. On my second visit- which involved bringing guests- I was horrified to discover that I left my credit card in my other purse! I did not want my guests to know or offer to pay. The receptionist and owner could not have been nicer about it. They discreetly took care of the bill and let me come back the next day to pay- I was very grateful for the way they handled it. All four of us loved our meals- crab stuffed portobello, pork chop, roasted chicken. The bread and drinks were perfect. The only thing that was a slight disappointment on the second trip was dessert. We split a piece of chocolate cake which was very chocolatey but a bit dry. I will definitely be back- to try again!

          1. Tried to go to Wicked last night. Was all dark. Thought it might be a seasonal closing, but there website says "close for the season -- reopening in April 2009" Seems pretty weird to me.

            Wound up at Clyde's on route 1(Walpole?) -- not very chow, but tasty.

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              We tried to go last week too, and saw the sign. Doesn't bode well for the place's chance of reopening, but we'll see. Haven't been to Clyde's in years. Something about their not being any windows at all bugs me, but you're right, that area of Rte 1 is hard to find good eats. Further up in Norwood, or Walpole center there are a few places. A tiny bit further south there's the new Patriot's Place too, which has a Five Guys Burger joint.

              1. re: fullbelly

                Seems very odd to me - maybe they rely on the deck for business (though it's hard to see why). We're not talking about an ice gream stand here. hard to get/keep wait/kitchen staff if you close for the winter.

                We did think about heading south to Patriot's Place, but only remembered Davio's and Skipjack's and weren't up to that price point.

                Will ahve to try five guys, and soon.