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Apr 15, 2008 11:20 AM

Romanian food - Queens?

I used to love Harmony (now the Tangra asian fusion place - good place too, but I miss Harmony!)

Any idea where either those owners may have opened shop (so good!) or a noteable Romanian restaurant in (preferably North-East but anywhere really I guess) Queens?

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. Romanian Garden and Acasa, both on Skillman Ave. (near 46th St. and 48th St., respectively) in Sunnyside, are two options. I've been to both and neither has blown me away, but the food is decent. Acasa has a fabulous warm jelly donut dessert that is worth the trip no matter what!

    1. I like Romanian Gardens on Skillman & 46th in Sunnyside and there's a second one on 48th & Skillman that I went to once that was good but still prefer the Old World Atmosphere of Romanian Gardens. Good food, atmosphere & prices.

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      1. re: Mike V

        Have you been there when it was Cornel's. And if you did, how does it compare?

        1. re: Miss Needle

          Miss Needles,I was not at Cornel's so can't make a comparison but I do like Romanian Garden.

      2. There's a new Romanian Restuarant on Vernon Blvd. and 36th Ave. Only ate there once so I can't say if it's OK as it was the first week and needed to get it's act together. My meal was fair/good, but my wife's was really bad. It was a BYOB then but may have received their license by now.

        1. Acasa, but I'm annoyed that they raised their prices. It was really good, but as soon as they started getting a lot of business they practically doubled their prices. Though Romanian Garden wins in the waitress department... Always fun practicing my Romanian there...