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Apr 15, 2008 10:30 AM

Maui Dining

Aloha! I will be making my annual trip with my parents to Maui in a couple of weeks and have some questions. Has anyone tried the new Mala at the Wailea Marriott? Any dishes really stand out? Is it good for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Next, has anyone tried the new Bin 69 wine bar at the Wailea Town Center? Is it worth checking out? And finally, what are some signature dishes to order at Lahaina Grill? Mahalo.

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  1. We just returned from Maui. We ate at Mala in Lahaina, but the menu is probably the same.
    My favorite dish was the tuna bruschetta on flax sead toast. The mojitos were great. The restaurant has a healthy slant to it. My 2nd favorite restuarant. My favorite was The Lahaina Grill. We had the chefs tasting menu that has their signature dishes on it. Well worth the $78 apiece. Four courses, absolutely wonderful. They also make a yummy ginger martini.

    1. Lanaina Grill '

      The Cake Walk' - Petite servings of Kona lobster crab cake, sweet Louisiana rock shrimp cake and seared ahi cake

      Bufala Tomato salad - Hana tomatoes, bufala mozzarella, truffle oil, aged balsamic vinaigrette, seasoned with black Kilauea sea salt

      Kona Coffee Roasted Rack of Lamb - Light coffee-Cabernet demi-glace, herb infused mashed potatoes
      Kalua Duck - Confit of duck leg, thyme scented wild rice, plum wine reduction
      Maui Onion and Sesame Seed Crusted Seared Ahi - Vanilla bean Jasmine rice, apple cider-soy butter vinaigrette

      I've had all of these (not all at the same time!) and they are marvelous.
      Also the triple berry pie is killer!

      1. Also at the Lahaina Grill--the Kurobuta pork with the pomegranate sauce and asparagus is pretty amazing. You can come in hungry and get the chef's tasting menu, great deal for what you're gonna get, almost everything on the menu (but lesser portions, of course). The Kauai pie for dessert is yummy as well.

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          Everyone probably knows where it is but thought this might be helpful... The link still refers to is as David Paul's Lahaina Grill....

          Lahaina Grill
          127 Lahainaluna Rd., Lahaina Maui, HI 96761

          1. re: RWCFoodie

            Just a question for clarification. Is this the old location? I had heard that David Paul had left his eponymous restaurant. We had a great dinner, and wine flights at the old spot, but David Paul was still at the helm.

            The main reason that I ask, is that we will be on Maui in a few months, so I'm trying to fill in the blanks from our last visit - 5 years ago.



            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Hi Bill,
              My understanding from another post I read is that the name David Paul was some sort of leased arrangement and the lease ran out on the name so now it's just called Lahaina Grill... not the best explanation but that's all I can come up with (I've been searching the board on Maui stuff for about the last 6-8 hrs and my eyes are spinning around in my head!!!)

              What makes me happy is that most of what I've read on LG is still positive: we were there last a couple of years ago and it was outstanding!

              And Pierce Brosnan came in with an entourage while we were there!

              1. re: Bill Hunt

                Bill -

                It is the same location.
                David Paul isn't part of the restaurant any longer - it's The Lahaina Grill now, but I still occasionally think of it as David Paul's Lahaina Grill - old habits die hard.

                We were there at the end of February and had both a marvelous time and dinner.

                Have fun!

                1. re: Cookiefiend


                  Thanks for the update and the report. We'll definitely dine there one night, plus try for a couple of new (to us) restaurants, that have been good recs. up the coast a bit.

                  I'm hoping that The Lahaina Grill still does the wine flights, per the David Paul days. Next to a really good sommelier's tasting, flights w/ half-pours, are fun and very good to experience a lot of different wines, with one's meals.

                  I'm still trying to get my wife's assistant to give me some dates, so we can schedule this trip, and I can start making reservations.

                  Your response was greatly appreciated,

                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    Hi Bill,
                    We'll be there 9/25 - 10/5; let us know if you'll be there and maybe DH and I could meet at LG!

                    1. re: RWCFoodie

                      I'm not sure of the dates yet, but will do a post, prior to leaving, to see if there are any new reports. We'll be in the Ka`anapali Area, but plan on getting around the island, around our rounds of golf.

                      Reviews WILL follow, especailly Mama's Fish House (probably lunch, because of the travel time), and Bev Gannon's (again lunch).


                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        Hi Bill,
                        We did lunch at Mama's on our last day on the way to the airport, and it was wonderful as always. My mom and I split the lobster and crab stuffed macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi and we had the shrimp dumplings to start. The amuse bouche was an amazing Kula corn soup...could have eaten a whole bowl!

                        And when you go to Bev's, you must try the crab pizza if you've never had it. I'd kill to get the secret recipe, but it truly is one of my favorite foods, ever. So creamy and tasty. I also had the sashimi napoleon which was very good. I also read in one of the visitor magazines while I was there that Bev has consulted on the renovated restaurant at one of the hotels on either Molokai or Lanai, which I think is open now. Not sure if you'll have time to take a ferry over, but it might be worth checking out. I'd love to hear any reviews, but of course, I can't remember the name and my internet search was unsuccessful.

                        Enjoy! I'm ready to go back.


                    2. re: Bill Hunt

                      We're going over for the Kapalua WIne & Food Festival this month and are anxious to try Peter Merriman's new restaurant (it opens
                      6/12) he has a great chef at the helm and I am sure it will be wonderful. We'll report back too!

                      1. re: manomin

                        Maybe someone else besides me doesn't know about Merriman's new venture at Kapalua:

                        1. re: RWCFoodie

                          RESTAURANT EVENTS

                          Merriman will open Kapalua restaurant

                          Chef Peter Merriman's original restaurant, Merriman's Waimea on the Big Island, turns 20 this year and the chef is celebrating by adding another restaurant to the family.
                          Merriman's Kapalua opens on Maui June 12, with the chef's continued commitment to local farmers - he says that his menu will consist of 90 percent local products.

                          Merriman, one of the founders of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement, plans to bring such Waimea favorites as Wok-Seared Ahi and Haleakala Ranch Lamb to Kapalua.

                          George Gomes Jr. will serve as executive chef.

                          Merriman's Kapalua will seat 200 in the site of the former Maui Bay Club, with a view of Kapalua Bay. Call (808) 669-6400 or visit

                          That from Sunday's paper, other news has been floating about for months.

                      2. re: Bill Hunt

                        I don't remember that they did pairings when we were there last, but I might not have been paying attention...

                        Richard was our waiter and I think he is also the sommelier - talk with him and I'll bet something wonderful will happen. He's a great guy and did a marvelous job for us. Ask if they still have the Miner Wild Yeast Chardonnay - it's pretty damn good for a Chard.

                  2. re: RWCFoodie

                    how far is LG from grand wailea?

                    1. re: raider

                      It's about 30 miles - two lane highway almost the entire way.


                      We stayed in Wailea last June - and we definitely didn't let that 30 miles get in our way... just be careful with the wines - it's a twisty road south of Lahaina!

                2. Thanks all for the suggestions. I ended up having the cake walk, which was great. Next time, though, I would opt for just the lobster crab cake, it was amazing. For the entree I had the Ahi, probably the best piece of fish I had during the entire trip, the sauce was superb. For dessert, we had the triple berry pie, very yummy. We didn't make it to Mala, there were too many other places to go. Maybe next time.

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                    Juji, thanks for letting us know that LG is still great - I guess they've had the "cake walk" on the menu for a quite a while - we had it when we were there a couple of years ago and we loved it. I'm looking forward to having it again when we're there in Sept/Oct. Can't wait!

                    I just noticed another thread on LG asking about prices as none are included on the on-line menu. Could you give an idea of the prices you paid?

                    Our last dinner there was a party of 10 and the check came to about $2,000 (but that's because there were several bottles of wine that were $$$ included...)

                  2. Total bill for three of us was $235, including tax and tip. This includes three glasses of wine. I think I was the only one that had an appetizer.