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Apr 15, 2008 10:29 AM


Does anyone know of a place in the Philadelphia / suburbs areas that make their on bread? I'm talking for cheesesteaks and subs and things of that nature. Maybe its because I'm from Harrisburg, PA (never thought I'd say that), you can't find a sub place who doesn't make their own bread in shop (1. because its cheaper and 2. its just better), but I hear all this hype about cheesesteaks in Philly but have not found a decent one yet (blasphemy I know). Cheesesteak w/ bread made on premises. Any help at all would be MUCH appreciated. First time posting on Chowhound! GREAT SITE!

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  1. Sarcone's Hoagies in the Italian Market makes their own famous bread. Their hoagies are fantastic. Amazing grilled veggies, and huge chunks of roasted garlic. You can also purchase the bread at their bakery a couple doors down, which is usually hot from the oven. I like to start all my walks in the Italian market by getting a loaf of whatever's still warm and munching on it as we walk. Thank you.

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      Steak and Hoagie Factory makes their own bread and it's as good as anyone's.

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        the bread or the steaks and hoagies (or both)?

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          Clarification: I'm looking for a Cheesesteak on Homemade bread.
          Thanks for all the responses so far!

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          Subway makes their own bread... and its very similar to Steak and Hoagie Factory... Its equivalent of making your own Wonder Bread at home IMNSHO. I would rather go to a shop that gets its bread from a good italian bakery fresh every day. A steak on a Sarcone's roll, even if its not at sarcones is better than a "home made" roll at a mom and pop shop.

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          Cafe Michaelangelo (Sp?) on Bustleton Ave., just south of Byberry Road, in the Northeast bakes their own bread.

          While I haven't had a sandwich there, I have eaten the rolls and they are very good.

        2. If you can't find a place that makes their own (and that's not to say that just cuz they make their own it's gonna be great, either) you can safely say, any hoagie/steak shop that uses Amoroso rolls is gonna be a tru PHILLY delite! Larry's on 54th and City Line has for decades.

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            Tony Luke's bakes the bread onsite, but the dough is prepared for them.