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How is Casa D'Angelo in Ft. Lauderdale

My mom wanted to go eat there when I fly down. How is it? Can I do better?

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  1. casa d'angelo is great- one of our favorite places in lauderdale. enjoy!

    1. It's pretty fantastic Italian. Good food, a very extensive wine list and a loyal following. It's been packed every time I've gone. Be prepared for some wait even with reservations.

      1. I go there once a week usually, in my opinion its the best Italian around. The food is always great and they have a huge list of specials everyday.

        1. I would consider Valentino's in lieu of Casa d. This is a compliment to V and not a slight to Casa d. WAIT Mom wants to go to Casa d so you better go...

          1. I think it is good but overrated. Foodwise cafe martorano is better in my opinion, but the DJ and disco thing may put it out of the running if you can't handle the loud noise. Everyone should go to martorano once...

            1. The last time we ate there the wait was long, then the service was not great. The meal was good...not outstanding. I think you get better service if you are know by the owner or hsi wife.

              1. Which location. I see i in Lauderdale & 1 in Boca. Are they the same? Is one better then the other?

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                  The Fort Lauderdale is the original and the one I always goto... the one in Boca Raton just opened recently.

                2. It is a great place. When I went we had excellent food and service. They have a great wine list. Try to make a reservation, if you can't get one, go early or else there is a long wait.

                  1. Going on a Saturday night, even with reservations, is a nightmare...No place to wait and a management that doesn't care if you wait. Food is good, but I prefer Valentino's.

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                      I do have reservations at 7pm. I looked at the menu for Valentino's and it doesn't look that extensive.

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                          I had them fax it to me. It's not online.

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                          the menu is not that extensive, but they always have a great selection of specials.

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                            Reservations at 7:00 shouldn't be any problem, I often go at 7:00 and get seated promptly... if you go at around 8:00 or so you will be waiting guarenteed though.

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                              i've had 6:30 PM reservations and was seated immediately. food was excellent meal and service. the room in the back is quite nice.

                        3. Stevel - If the Momster is a wine-loving enthusiast of Italian food, she will love C D'A. For my taste, just the right pitch of food vs spectacle. C'Martorano is heavy on the latter - better for your wiseguy buds than the M. If you want her to feel very special - nix the Boca locale - Ft L is the place.
                          ps, where is Valentino's?

                          1. they are great...and if you are in the west palm beach area try "marcello's la sirena" bc they are FANTASTIC lasirenaonline.com