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Apr 15, 2008 10:07 AM

Fav IPAs?

I am trying new IPA's and was wondering what everyone's favs are. I live in Ithaca NY and we have a local brewery, Ithaca Beer. They have Cazcazilla and Flower Power which are my 2 favorite IPA's. I have tried a bunch of others and only like Dogfish Head 60 and 90 minute IPAs. Everything else is sweet and tastes like honey. Any recommendations? Thanks. Jen

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  1. If you can get your hands on it out in NY, I love Russian River's Pliny the Younger (even Elder is good). It's kind of between a double and Imperial IPA

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    1. re: shellshock24

      Only available in CA and sometimes in PA.

      1. re: shellshock24

        Is there any room between double and imperial? Those terms are pretty much interchangeable.

        As to the question at hand, Green Flash West Coast IPA. I think I've read that Green Flash is being distributed in New York.

        1. re: ultramagnetic

          Double and Imperial are the same re: IPAs. Pliny the Younger is actually a triple IPA. Pliny the Elder is a double.

          1. re: Josh

            I stand corrected, haha. Thanks for correcting me.

            1. re: ultramagnetic

              Imperial is really terminology used for anything that is amped up. So you are correct in that Imperial IPA is the same as a Double IPA.
              For example, Nugget Nectar (which to me is an IPA) is an imperial amber, and they make imperial pilsners, imperial wheats, etc... man I love beer.

              There are even some triple IPAs out there- see Founders Dirty Dancer that are just mindblowing. I guess you could call the 120 minute from Dogfish the same but that drinks more like a barleywine of sorts. Malts are dominant.

          2. Nugget Nectar not technically an IPA but an Imperial amber but has all the qualities of a good IPA/DIPA and the best thats out there in my opinion.

            Others are of course the 90 minute, Victory Hop Devil, Sierra Nevada Celebration, and Bells Two hearted.

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            1. re: yankeefan

              Nugget Nectar is decidedly different from an IPA or DIPA because of the clean, round, fruitiness of it.


              1. re: Chinon00

                Boy, this technical stuff is so overblown. If it smells like an IPA, tastes like an IPA, brother.. Im calling it an IPA.

                Im also calling it a great beer. Im sick of this category/over-labeling of beer styles. So ridiculous.

                1. re: yankeefan

                  The categorizations are for the purposes of judging beer in competition, to ensure that you're dealing with apples-to-apples comparisons. You certainly wouldn't judge an Imperial Stout alongside an IPA, would you? Once you go down the road of categorization, then things that might seem like small differences matter a great deal. If you're making an American Wheat, you wouldn't want to use a banana/clove German Hefeweizen yeast, because the resulting beer would no longer be an American Wheat.

                  1. re: Josh

                    Is triple IPA a category commonly used in competitions? I haven't heard the term much except in reference to PTY.

            2. Sweet? That's really strange. Out here on the West coast, they're normally quite bitter.

              Stone IPA is a very good one, and they have East coast distribution.

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              1. re: Josh

                I tried Mojo IPA, Lagunitas IPA, and Middle Ages--all too sweet. Had a strong honey flavor. I LOVE the Flower Power from our local Brewery. Bitter and has a grapefruit taste. Sounds weird but it is delicious and I hate fruit beers.

                1. re: jlp8

                  You should try Stone's regular IPA, and their Ruination Double IPA. Both are quite dry and the Ruination has that grapefruit quality you're mentioning.

                  1. re: Josh

                    I love IPA's, am always trying new ones, but Stone's regular is my standard and always in the fridge. Not saying that I've tried some that are "better" (on that day, at least), but it is what I think IPA's should taste like. Obviously, YMMV.

                    1. re: healthyscratch

                      I agree. To me, the Stone IPA is a textbook example.

                    2. re: Josh

                      tried them- LOVED BOTH! Thanks

                      1. re: jlp8

                        Glad you liked it. Later this year, they'll be releasing a 12th Anniversary Ale. These are usually double IPAs of one kind or another, so keep an eye out.

                        1. re: Josh

                          Stone's 12th is looking to be a Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout


                    3. re: jlp8

                      sweetness is from the crystal malt.

                      I haven't had a flower power in about a year, but remember liking it when I did.

                  2. "Dogfishhead 90 min. Imperial IPA" Full bodied, well balanced malt forward beer and crisp not overpowering hop character. Nice strong beer 9% kept in check by the full body. Slight fruit notes like apricot and bananas from the yeast and hops and probably good with spicy, curry, sushi or another Dogfishhead 90 min. Imperial IPA. Highly recomended. Only one dislike...Six pack price for only 4 12oz. bottles.

                    1. Pretty sure you can't get these in NY, but if you ever make it to the Midwest, Three Floyds Dreadnaught Imperial IPA is outstanding. Also, seek out Founders Brewing's Centennial IPA, which has nothing sweet about it: it's full-bore bitterness from big-time Centennial hops. Then there's Surly Brewing's Furious, an all-out hop monster that makes the hop-timid run screaming in fear...

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                      1. re: EddieGlick

                        Funny you list those Eddie. I just made a trade from the midwest for all 3 of the beers you have listed. I have had the Dreadnaught and its amazing- cant wait to try the Centennnial and Furious for 1st time.

                        1. re: yankeefan

                          Congrats, you scored big. Enjoy 'em!

                        2. re: EddieGlick

                          Furious made me run screaming, only it was "get out of the way" at anyone between me and the refridgerator.
                          I forgot how freakin good this stuff is.
                          I'm also impressed with my first Bitter Woman, but I'm gonna reserve judgement on the Crooked Tree I just had for the first time. I liked it, I'm just not sure how much. Know what I mean? It's a more than one beer to pass judgement beer.