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Apr 15, 2008 10:06 AM

Kid friendly place near Children's Museum Richmond?

I will be in Richmond for one day next week visiting the Children's Museum of Richmond. I have a 4 year old with ants in his pants, so I am looking for a kid friendly restaurant near the museum. Have never been to Richmond before. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. That's a tough one. It's a great place but without much around it that i've found. and the closest areas with great places aren't super child friendly. will you be eating first or second? because he'll have run around a lot so it might change how still he could sit.

    maybe buz & ned's BBQ? i don't think it's too far (although my sense of direction from there is a bit off) -- seems rally close anyway. and you can take a kid. and it's good food.

    1. Not much to choose from close by, but there is a Pizza Hut within a block heading east (towards downtown). There is also one of those "new style" diner-type restaurants whose name escapes me (City? Diner, perhaps) that serves comfort-type food about a half-block east of that. A brand new McDonald's is supposed to open in 5 days (so the sign out front said this morning) literally a stones throw from the Children's Museum. Didn't take too much market research to decide that location, did it?
      These probably weren't the choices you were looking for, but figured I would post them anyway. There is however, a restaurant called "64" maybe 3/4 mile north of Broad on the Boulevard (the Museum sits near the intersection of Broad and Boulevard) that I've been told is good, others will have to comment on it and the child friendliness of it. And lastly, there is a local chain called Bill's Barbecue also north on the Boulevard just prior to 64. I would consider it child friendly. Family run, local institution, not my style of BBQ, but they do have a decent club sandwich. Hope this helps.

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        i think maybe it's called kitchen 64. haven't been. have heard mixed reviews - but a step above mcd's or pizza hut. think it would be okay for a kid.

      2. There is a wonderful dining and shopping district very close to the Children's Museum called Carytown (it's a less-than-five minute drive away). The folks at the museum will be able to give you precise directions, and it will open up your possibilities further. Galaxy Diner and Carytown Burgers and Fries both are great kid-places, and if you go to Carytown, don't miss World of Mirth - the best toy store around.

        There is a greasy-spoon type diner basically just across the street from the museum called Karen's. It's cheap and serves all the basics. I also recommend Buz and Ned's - great BBQ!

        1. I have a 3 yr old and our favorites near the CmOR are Karen's as another post recommended and The Dairy Bar. Both close at 3pm. Karen's is smaller and you can get breakfast or lunch. The Dairy Bar is a little bigger, lots of sandwich choices, very kid friendly and good milkshakes and kid sized cones. It's at 1602 Roseneath, about 5 minutes drive from the museum.

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            cool. didn't know those. mine are 5 and almost 2 and we seem to end up going home since we haven't found much there.

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              Thanks for everyone's suggestions. We ended up driving a mile down the road to Comfort. We went at 2 which was past their lunch rush and the place was not crowded. That was a good thing since the little monster was chasing his own tail around the dining room. I was a little disappointed with the meal though since they messed up our order and the lunch menu was somewhat limited. Thanks again, everyone!

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                just went there for the first time for dinner and it was great. service was only ok but food was wonderful. sorry it wasn't great for you at lunch. hope you had fun at the museum.

          2. Okay, Richmond folks, help me, when we took our kids to the Science Musuem (next to the Children's museum, last year, we went to an old school italian place across the street. Can not remember the name, but know it was there when I was growing up in RIchmond. I recall they had decent italian, but mainly the huge plates of fresh bread, including, oddly, sweet rolls, that they brought out after we sat down. My kids loved it.

            Now what is the name? Is it still there?

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              Julian's was the old school Italian...they are now closed. Another idea for the Children's museum would be to pick up a boxed lunch from Sally Bell's or Mrs Marshall's and go to a park. Yummy little cupcakes.