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Apr 15, 2008 10:01 AM

Barcelona and Roses for a foodie weekend

I’m off to Barcelona on Thursday for two night and then on to Roses for two nights for dinner at El Bulli on Saturday, all very luckily coinciding with my partners birthday.

I’ve been reading extensively on here and other forums and have booked Hotel Omm in Barcelona then the Terreza in Roses. We arrive fairly late on Thursday, so planning at eating at Moo in the Hotel. On Friday I have a lunch booking at Cinc Sentits and then a dinner booking at Comerc24.

We are both complete foodies and really looking forward to exploring Barcelona. We’ll obviously be visiting La Boqueria, but wondered what other places there are worth visiting. Could anyone recommend a food/wine tour? Do you think that Cinc Sentits, Comerc 24 and then El Bulli is maybe over doing things? I’m keen to sample the modern catalan, rather than traditional or anywhere too formal. I’m also very keen to try many small dishes, rather than fewer larger dishes.

We will be driving up to Roses on the Saturday afternoon and then dining at El Bulli in the evening. I’m trying to book either Rafas or Cal Campaner in Roses for Sunday evening but I have a sneaky suspicion they will be closed.

Any other suggestions for my trip?

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  1. Having been to both, I would choose Alkimia over Cinq Sentits. I would also do one really good traditional Catalan restaurant for contrast, and my pick for that is La Dama. Another wonderful place on the way to Roses is Can Fabes in Sant Celoni, which is contemporary but not as cutting-edge as El Bulli. Moo is owned by the Roca brothers of Celler de Can Roca in Girona, which we found a little too experimental for its own good.

    1. The route up from Barcelona to Roses is laden with good restaurants. If you are not looking to investigate Girona, then three favourites of mine are around medieval Pals. Mas De Torrent in Torrent and Mas De Roig just outside Pals are fantastic hotel/restaurants and well worth a detour or a weekend in their own right. More surprising is Triton on the road to Toroella de Montgri, which looks like nothing more than a truck stop but is a full on mar y muntanya Catalan restaurant.

      Also virtually the whole of nearby Peratallada is made of destination restaurants, but the name of the one I like escapes me. As an aside that part of the coast from Palafrugell (La Xicra is really good there) up to Pals is IMHO much nicer than Roses, the appeal of which has always escaped me.

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        An additional thought is to detour to Palau Sator. If it means anything restaurants in Peratallada-PalauSator-Pals feature in the highly entertaining tales of epicurean Barcelona detective Pepe Carvalho, by Manuel Vazquez Montalban. All of the terrific series are worth seeking out - not least for the Catalan recipes and Barcelona restaurants that punctuate the action.