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Apr 15, 2008 09:21 AM

Group Dinner

We're traveling to Boston from SF in June for Mother's 75th birthday...any great ideas on places for a group of up to 50pp...also restaurants for a smaller group of 6...thank you.

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  1. Send 50 people to Lucca in the North End. I would book now!

    1. Does the guest of honor or the other guests have any preferences for the type of food and restaurant? What is your target price point? And finally, is there some particular town or neighborhood that would be especially convenient (or not)?

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        1. With fifty people for dinner, you are going to need a function room or a very large private room. Many restaurants have large side rooms, I think the Rustic Kitchen has, but if many of your guests are coming from the west coast you might try to arrange something with a hotel where they are all staying. I walked past Eastern Standard on a cold winter's day and they were having a private party on their heated patio. The guests were all very well dressed and looked toasty, while the passerbys were really chillin' out.That place is in the Hotel Commonwealth.

          1. The original comment has been removed