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Apr 15, 2008 09:01 AM

Dinner in Burlington VT

Heading to Burlington VT for a college visit with my daughter, where is good for an evening meal?

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  1. Ugh! Burlington! I have had such bad luck with meals there. I found a Mexican place (tex/mex, really) called Roques, near the waterfront, to be pretty good. Everything was fresh, and service very good both times I was there.

    1. My list for the next time I get to Burlington contains a single entry:

      1. You don't mention a price range for what you'd like so I'll offer up some suggestions.

        Expensive but really great italian:
        L'Amante and Trattoria Delia

        Decent Mexican, mid-range prices:

        Brazillian Rodizio style grill ($30/person, all you can eat):

        Low-mid range good pizza joint and restaurant:
        Juniors (in Colchester, haven't heard good things about the Downtown location yet). They have a finer dining side and a pizza place side, and they make their own, very good, desserts

        Asian, mid-range prices:
        A Single Pebble (I haven't eaten there since they were in Barre, but others recommend them still so I'm adding them to the list)

        Asian Bistro in Williston (Maple Tree Place I think is where it's located)

        1. I believe Souzas is still closed due to water damage. I would also say A Single Pebble, but I'm totally biased because I work there. If I were coming up with a teenager though I would go to American Flatbread, it's laid back, has great food, good atmosphere ( loud but nice) and gives you a good little look into the what life is like in Burlington. I would do Penny Cluse for lunch or breakfast. both places have a waitlist so go before you're starving. Have fun.

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            I second American Flatbread. Great food with quality ingredients, more uniquely Burlington than the other restaurants mentioned. I'd also recommend the Daily Planet. Fairly innovative menu generally and good food.

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              Just went to A Single Pebble this last weekend, and the two meals we had (Emporer's Beef and a Tea-Smoked Duck special) were extremely good and well-prepared. I was very satisfied.