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Dinner in Burlington VT

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Heading to Burlington VT for a college visit with my daughter, where is good for an evening meal?

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  1. Ugh! Burlington! I have had such bad luck with meals there. I found a Mexican place (tex/mex, really) called Roques, near the waterfront, to be pretty good. Everything was fresh, and service very good both times I was there.

    1. My list for the next time I get to Burlington contains a single entry:


      1. You don't mention a price range for what you'd like so I'll offer up some suggestions.

        Expensive but really great italian:
        L'Amante and Trattoria Delia

        Decent Mexican, mid-range prices:

        Brazillian Rodizio style grill ($30/person, all you can eat):

        Low-mid range good pizza joint and restaurant:
        Juniors (in Colchester, haven't heard good things about the Downtown location yet). They have a finer dining side and a pizza place side, and they make their own, very good, desserts

        Asian, mid-range prices:
        A Single Pebble (I haven't eaten there since they were in Barre, but others recommend them still so I'm adding them to the list)

        Asian Bistro in Williston (Maple Tree Place I think is where it's located)

        1. I believe Souzas is still closed due to water damage. I would also say A Single Pebble, but I'm totally biased because I work there. If I were coming up with a teenager though I would go to American Flatbread, it's laid back, has great food, good atmosphere ( loud but nice) and gives you a good little look into the what life is like in Burlington. I would do Penny Cluse for lunch or breakfast. both places have a waitlist so go before you're starving. Have fun.

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            I second American Flatbread. Great food with quality ingredients, more uniquely Burlington than the other restaurants mentioned. I'd also recommend the Daily Planet. Fairly innovative menu generally and good food.

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              Just went to A Single Pebble this last weekend, and the two meals we had (Emporer's Beef and a Tea-Smoked Duck special) were extremely good and well-prepared. I was very satisfied.

            2. There are extensive reviews of Burlington restaurants on this website if you do a search.

              A few I think are very good are:
              --The Green Room
              --Leunigs (personally not my favorite, but with the warmer weather, nothing gets much better than sitting on Church Street!)
              --Trattoria Delia
              --Sonoma Station (in Richmond, just a short drive, but well worth it, if you want to travel out of town)
              --Asiana House

              There is also our local restaurant review board, go to www.sevendaysvt.com, and look for the dining guide.


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                Smokejacks is great. Local ingredients and creative.
                Trattoria Delia has some great Italian. The meals can be pretty heavy (or maybe I just could stop eating), so you might want to go for a walk afterwards.

                I saw the American Flatbread post earlier... the original in Waitsfield, Route 100 is the better - a long wait, but you can have some drinks outside.

              2. I'd second L'Amante, Taste and the Green Room for Burlington. All very good- L'Amante has fabulous Italian wines ($). Taste has easy parking and an outside patio with lake and sunset views.
                L'Amante is somewhat formal in ambiance.
                Green Room is dark with couches/stuffed chairs and some tables.
                Taste- well- defies description- classy/eclectic... The chef is an abstract artist and his paintings are on the walls. Wine list is diverse and affordable-

                Souza's and Roques- I'd starve before eating at either one of those again.
                Have fun- Burlington is a super town!

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                  I liked both Souza's and Roque's. What didn't you like about them?

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                    Well- Souza's- awful cafeteria style buffet of side dishes/salad bar for which they charged us $30 each to eat from. gray "green beans", brown wilted lettuce, stale bread. Marshmallow jello salad would have been right at home here... Waited 45 minutes for our wine then were told they didn't have it... The meats were all charred, hard and dry. They were understaffed and unapologetic about continuing to seat people when it was obvious that they couldn't handle the people that were already there. We walked out, wrote a letter and they (thankfully and rightfully) sent us our $ back.
                    Roque's- Good drinks but the food is generic tex mex- Nothing special about it in my opinion- Service has been spotty the 2 times I went-
                    Sounds like you had a better time than I did!

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                      I've only been to Souza's once, in their old location, and it was really good. All the sides had good flavour and were well cooked, there was no cafeteria style buffet, everything was brought to the table directly, and the meat was wonderful, well cooked, yum. Sounds like maybe the new location isn't working well for them.

                      Roque's is, I agree, generic tex-mex, but they do the food well, and the tortillas are fresh, made on premises. I've never had spotty service there, but I'm usually there mid-afternoon on a Saturday when I go, so that might explain that. :) Roque's is fine for what it is, though. The prices aren't over the top for what you get, IMO. Though now that I think about it, it's been maybe three years since I've been there, too... phew... time flies! :)

                      Thanks for answering my question, I'd been wondering. :)

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                        I forgot to notate the name of the restaurant we ate at last year in downtown Burlington (a few blocks behind Church St. toward the lake) but it was a cool brick oven flatbread/pizza place that was very very popular and likeable. Anyone know the name of it???

                        1. re: redgirl

                          That would be Flatbread...
                          I totally second the opinion of OCatswell on Roque's and Souza's. I think they are totally middle road with bad staff (in Souza's case). When I went the woman was so abrasive and nasty... and they didn't have our wine either, and the bill was huge in comparison to the quality of our food.

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                            Also agree that Souza's may be the most overpriced restaurant in the area (unless you are a bottomless pit).

                2. Also recommend:

                  Leunig's on Church Street/Marketplace
                  Pauline's Cafe
                  Kitchen Table
                  Starry Night Cafe (about a 40 min. drive outside of Burl. to the south...worth the drive, though!!!)
                  Shelburne Cafe
                  Hen of the Wood in Waterbury

                  1. hey, i love single pebble the food is the best and the service is always attentive. i also like smokejacks, tiny thai is really amazing and the prices can't be beat. the food is very fresh and great spices. want a quick lunch try sugarsnap it's all organic and very fresh.

                    1. Personally I love seafood so I really like the Icehouse - on the lakeside... very nice setting as well.