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Apr 15, 2008 08:42 AM

Recs for/recent experiences at db Bistro?

I have a reservation coming up for db Bistro - never been, and wondering what the can't miss dishes are. There'll be six of us, so I'm sure at least one person will go for the burger, which I'd like to try but don't know if I want to make a whole meal out of. Otherwise, what do people think? I'm open to pretty much anything, from pig's trotters to whatever.

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  1. Hi, was there several weeks back. Ordered from prix fixe menu, which included a very average lobster risotto....lobster meat wasn't particularly flavorful, which surprised me for a restaurant of this caliber. My partner ordered sea bass (sorry, don't recall preparation) which appeared to be better prepared and actually possessed flavor! The hamburger looks wonderfully decadent, however. Think anyone would need a whole night to do nothing but digest thereafter (I'd certainly fall asleep in the theatre if I had that for dinner!).

    My experience of the service was that it was efficient but bordering on cold. The vibe I got was that the wait staff was under a lot of pressure....maybe it's just me, but they felt tense. Still, we were served well enough, were neither rushed nor neglected.

    Enjoy, and be sure to share what you had!

    1. You can order a burger or two and ask them to cut it so everybody can have a taste. I was there a couple of weeks ago and saw two burgers coming out, each one cut into four pieces. And DH goes there for business dinners quite frequently and they ALWAYS order a burger or two to share for the table.

      Their menu changes frequently. When I was there last time, DH and I shared a burger and a lamb couscous dish and started off with a salad and foie gras appetizer. Looking at the current menu, sounds like they've got a new one up.

      1. I'm a big fan of the Asatian tarte flambee--think thin-crust pizza-like....good for sharing.
        I also like their take on duck confit. But I usually like whatever I have there.
        I can't say I've noticed any service issue there at all, but they do have the pre-theater rush when it can seem pretty hectic. I ate there Monday night at 5:00 a week ago and it was blissfully quiet.

        1. I agree that the pre-theatre service is sometimes more rushed, as most of the diners are rushed as well. We have always had excellent service, but it could also be because of the wine we order. I have never had a bad meal there, and we often end up with the prix fixe menu because there are enough choices each time to make us both happy. We've never had the burger so can't comment on that, but a friend of mine's comment on it was, if I want a burger, I'll order a burger, if I want short ribs, I'll order short ribs, I don't need short ribs inside my burger.

          1. We were there a few months back, post-theater. The service was great- of course, by the time we were halfway through the meal, the restaurant was pretty empty. We had the potatoes dauphin for a side, which were SO YUMMY. I had duck confit, which was extremely rich (as duck confit is wont to be), but I highly recommend it nonetheless; my husband had the burger, which is lights out.