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Apr 15, 2008 08:41 AM

Catered Shabbat Dinner

I will be getting married next winter in North Jersey. The wedding will be on a Saturday night after Shabbat is over. My mother wants to sponsor a catered Shabbat dinner on Friday night for guests that travel for the wedding (rehearsal dinner).

Does anyone have suggestions about any caterers that could do this. We don't want something fancy (i.e., expensive). We are looking for kosher, tasty, reasonable priced food and a caterer that will work on Friday night.


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  1. Where in N Jersey?Any of the restaurants in Teaneck may be willing to do it. What about Main Event or Foremost,although I don't know how reasonable they are. What do you mean by reasonable?Nothing is cheap nowadays.

    1. Reuben's Glatt Spot in West Orange has done similar things that I've been to - you might want to contact them. They're not superfancy, but it's pretty good quality, and not hyper-expensive.