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Apr 15, 2008 08:31 AM

L'Ami Jean - Lunch over dinner?

I read a lot of good things on this board about Chez L'Ami Jean, and also that it is quite hurried in the evening. What about lunch here?

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  1. I prefer it for lunch, though I admit I have not tried dinner there since the "no smoking" laws came into effect. The tables are close together, it is loud and the smoke was unbearable. The smoke, at least, should not be a problem now, but it is still quite loud and crowded. Its a little less boisterous at lunch.

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      I was just there this Wednesday afternoon - we happened to be there by chance, as it is just around the corner from Micheal Chadun (chocolates). We arrived around noon and there were only 2 other tables there at the time, so there was no problem getting a table, By the time that we left about 2pm, every single table was filled.
      We did not feel hurried at all during our lunch. However, while we were there, the phone was ringing non-stop and they were taking reservations (I would assume for dinner). After the heavy, filling lunch, the walk along the Seine in the sunshine was perfect.
      We had the 32 euro menu, and I think that it was one of the best value meals that we had all week.

    2. We were there last Friday night, with a 9 p.m. table. I wouldn't say that we were hurried, particularly, though service was faster than is perhaps usual in France.

      The place was, as promised, jammed, and jammed together. Compared to an American restaurant, however, I would not call it loud. My hearing isn't the greatest, but I had no trouble at all hearing my companion throughout the meal. I put this down to the ingrained French habit of not howling at the top of one's lungs -- as we Yanks, and in my experience some others, are prone to do, especially once the wine kicks in -- but instead speaking only as loudly as is needed to be heard across the table.

      By the way, the meal was as wonderful, and as good value, as 'hounds had led us to expect. Thanks, all. I'll try to post more detail on this resto and others later.

      1. This is off-topic but I had a very disappointing lunch at l'Ami Jean last year.
        The fish in my apetizer was not fully cooked, and the side dish to my main course (mashed potatoes) arrived well after I had finished my meal!!!
        Of course the waiter did not bother to apologize, and they even had the nerve to charge me for the apetizer I sent back!!
        Oh and this is a really nice place if you'd like to hear the conversation from the table next to you.... .