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Apr 15, 2008 08:29 AM

Momofuku Ssam: anything new/noteworthy?

I'm heading to Ssam on Friday, primarily for my first crack at the bo ssam. I'm very excited. Also I'm thinking that we'll have to be a bit judicious in what we choose to augment the bo ssam, just to have some chance at eating a decent amount of the pork shoulder? So - anything new/different/etc in the last couple months at ssam bar?

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  1. maybe i'm late to the party here but i noticed a tasting menu in with the regular menu last weekend, with two options, a $45 and a $75, with wine pairings additional. Not that you'd order that with the bo ssam, I was just surprised to see that development.

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      They introduced it in December. It's nice but I think you can pull together a better meal a la carte: oysters, diver scallops, steamed buns, Benton's ham, apple kimchi, grilled branzino....

    2. I'm hoping spring veggies make their way back to the menu soon (hoping for asparagus with miso butter and poached egg). I love the new grilled branzino with charred leeks, cripsy fried salsify strips, and a nice drizzle of olive oil. Spicy striped bass with huckleberry sauce, daikon, and fried lily bulbs is nice too. There's also a foie gras with grapes and toasted brioche. They've also been experimenting with lardo, duck pancetta, pates, mortadella, etc. I really liked the new "Crossabaw" pork shoulder chop, cooked medium rare, but my friend thought it was kind of tough. There's also a tender Sichuan style beef tendon with green mango and tatsoi. There's a new pistachio dessert that's pretty good but I still think the brown butter shortcake with raisins is the best dessert right now.

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        Oooh, sounds good - keep the ideas coming. I'm heading there on Friday for the first time myself!

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          Hi kathryn,

          I recalled you mentioned about the lardo in another post. Do you know when they will put it as a regular item? They are looking for the right kind of bread? Just serve it with those muffins in Ko and everyone will be happy! :D
          Or like what people do in Hong Kong, lardo with plain white rice in clay pot, and some premium sweet soy sauce. Yum~

          By the way, this may get deleted by the moderator very soon, but your fiance's picture was posted in a Hong Kong magazine with a post of the vintage Apple Mac computer. He is famous even overseas! :D

          1. re: kobetobiko

            I haven't talked to Tien in a while but he did express frustration about the right kind of bread he wanted to serve it with. Part of the reason they did lardo some other stuff is because they bought some sort of crazy fatty artisanal pig from Virginia...basically a US version of Iberico. Super fatty! They were exploring what to do with the pig, hence the pate and the mortadella and other things that need curing. I'm not sure if they are going to be doing that on an ongoing basis. It's probably hard to tell if it's going to turn out well if it takes a long time to cure.

            Mmmm, Hong Kong! :) If you have a name or a link or a photo of that magazine, that would be great.

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              Just walked past, it's back on the menu! Lardo for all!

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                Hi kathryn,

                Thanks for the tip!

                If my doctor says I have high cholesterol, I am going to blame you! LOL

        2. i went last night, just ask the waiters whats new on the menu, they are all pretty helpful. And they had a new beer from IL I cant remember the name of, but it was also very nice.