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Apr 15, 2008 08:20 AM

Lunch Options in Midtown 55th and Madison

I recently moved jobs to midtown 55th and Madison. While I eat at my desk most days I'm looking for the good slices and burgers within a 4 block radius. My one foray for pizza was an utter failure (on a day when I went out because my delivered lunch was inedible)

Would appreciate recommendations... and if anyone has any good comments on the seamless web choices around here... (but just the close ones, not interested in food that travels too long to get to me)


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  1. I work at 55th and 6th - for burgers we usually order from Lucky's Famous, which is at 52nd and 8th I believe. They're pretty good, with generally quick delivery. The guys I work with often run across the street to 5 Guys, a new burger place that I believe is a spin off of a west coast chain. It's on 55th bet 5th and 6th. Dunno if they deliver or not. I also really like the burger from the Carnegie Deli - it's a little pricey but it's HUGE and they actually cook it rare when I ask for rare, which is, well, a rarity. The Burger Joint (hidden inside the Parker Meridien) is good too, but they definitely don't deliver.

    1. Oh, forgot to add that we use seamless on a regular basis - our go-to spots are Tuscany (55th bet 5th and 6th) for salads, grilled fish, pastas, etc; Asian Channel (54th bet 5th and 6th - I think it may also be called NY Thai Grill or something) for decent thai and sushi; Marrakesh (53rd and 3rd) for acceptable middle eastern. We also order from a lot of places on 8th and 9th ave, but I thought that might be a little far for your purposes.