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Apr 15, 2008 08:14 AM

Gardener's Gourmet/Dandelion greens in Baltimore?

I'm trying to find if dandelion greens are available retail in B'more. Tried calling Gardener's Gourmet (they sell at the farmer's mkts) and their number (410-876-7940) is disconnected. Does anyone know the deal there, and know of a place that would sell local dandelion greens?


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  1. Does Tree and Leaf come to B'more? I bought dandelion greens from them at Dupont last Sunday. Here's a warm dressing I used for them:
    and photo's from Dupont:

    1. Not quite sure if they are local dandelion greens, but H-Mart on Rolling rd in Catonsville usually has them.

      1. Or you can come pick 'em fresh at my house! They're young and tender right now. :-)