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Apr 15, 2008 07:59 AM

what to get at sushi ota?

I am heading there tonight. What should I get? I like everything, so guide me. Omakase? What are they especially good at?

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  1. I've heard omakase is great, but it's hard to get a seat at the bar. It's hard to get seated, period, really. Nigiri sushi is great. Their cooked food is also quite nice. It's the only place I've had teriyaki that made me understand why people would eat teriyaki in the first place. Beef tataki is also good, if they have it. Uni is another thing that they do very well.

    1. I hope you made a reservation if you want to be at the bar. I have found that the chef's can and are willing to prepare things for you of you just ask. Their yellow tail is always great.

      1. Omakase is the way to go. You tell them the dollar amount you wish to spend and they will serve you accordingly. I chose the $70 price point and it was fantastic. As far as reservations are concerned three days in advance is the minimum I would recomend. Weekends probably even more. Try to go on a night when Ota San is behind the bar, I think he takes Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off.

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          You guys normally have that much trouble getting seated at the bar? I've only sat at the bar (either by myself or with others), don't think I've ever made a reservation, and never really had to wait. Weird, guess I've been really lucky.

          I didn't want it to sound like I was bragging or anything; I just wanted didn't want people to feel completely discouraged if they don't have a reservation. And it's not like I'm a regular getting preferential treatment either.

          1. re: DougOLis

            Last time I stopped by on a Monday to make a solo reservation at the bar and was told the first opening they had was Thursday which I took. I never eat dinner before 8:00pm (except with Kirk at Urasawa) so am not sure how much that enters into it.

            1. re: Captain Jack

              Ahh, maybe that's the difference. I've always been in the 6-7ish range.

        2. I normally sit with Robert(Atsushi) at the bar(reservation usually needed) and ask for omakase. I don't give him a price so the bill varies a little due to what he decides to make for the night. I'll be there actually this Saturday night and usually am there every other Saturday. I wouldn't recommend omakase here unless you get to know the chef and trust that he can cater to your taste as I recently had a negative experience with a chef I don't normally sit with. I know omakase is the chef's choice but I think you'll taste the vast difference if you develop a rapport with the chef. Hope you had a good experience.

          1. I recently moved to the east coast and sushi ota is one thing I miss terribly. I used to go there a couple times a week. Ota san cooked for us one night. It was amazing. Definitely something everyone should try. I just couldn't believe some of the stuff he came up with. I would go with omakase. It's the best way to do it. I don't usually eat rolls but I love their double double yellowtail roll. They also do a toro hand roll that's incredible.