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Apr 15, 2008 07:55 AM

Iron Chef NM

Heads up, New Mexico chowhounds! Just heard that Martin Rios, executive chef of the Inn of the Anasazi in Santa Fe, will go mano-a-mano with Bobby Flay Sunday, April 20, on Food Network's Iron Chef. Martin is a fantastic chef and a credit to Santa Fe, which has a surfeit of greats. A native of Guadalajara who worked his way up in the trade from the most menial positions, he was at The Old House in the Eldorado before moving on to his current position at the Anasazi..

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  1. I just heard this too but I also just heard that Martin Rios gave his resignation at the Inn of Anasazi and is becoming a partner at Geronimo...hmmm...interesting timing

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      It'll be worth watching anyway. The Bobby Flay episode on "Chefography" was interesting. He was a freckle-faced, red-headed child model, wise-ass teen, high-school dropout, graduate of the first class at NY's French Culinary Institute, pioneer on the East Village restaurant scene before hitting the big-time. He had his ups and downs, but way more of the former than the latter. Interesting show. He's a TV veteran, including being the challenger in a terrible Iron Chef (Japan) program. But all that experience puts him at an advantage over excellent chefs from elsewhere -- true, of course, for all Iron Chefs. Anyway, I'll try to watch.

    2. I was so excited to hear that someone from Santa Fe would be competing and I was really hoping he could kick Bobby Flays rear into the next century (he seems like a bit of a jerk to me) but alas, I was dissapointed. I think that Chef Rios presented some dishes that looked just delicious, but of course my thoughts don't count! It seems like the judges didn't really care for either of the judges meals... Bobby only scored like a 52, which is rather on the low side for him. Owell. Id really like to see Mark Miller take on Flay... I think their cooking styles are similar to an extent and it could be a tight battle.... maybe someday!

      1. I heard yesterday that Rios has moved or is moving from the Anasazi to Geronimo. Can anyone confirm that? I have to say that I have not been impressed with my four or five meals at Anasazi since Rios arrived. I certainly never tasted anything that even approached the food at Geronimo, but then that was before Eric Destefano left Geronimo earlier this year for Coyote Cafe. Makes me wonder what is in store for Geronimo, if Rios truly is going there.

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          There was an article that my boyfriend read stating that yes, Rios is going to be at Geronimo, Im sure that if you google him you may be able to find the same article.