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Apr 15, 2008 07:47 AM

One dinner in Kansas City?


My husband and I are travelling to Kansas City for just one night in May. Any recommendations or favorite restaurants that shouldn't be missed? We're looking for something non-touristy and, of course fresh and delicious! A little local flavor would be fun too.

Thanks in advance....

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      1. i second Bluestem. Michael Smith's also - good location downtown.

        1. Lots of recs for Bluestem, which is generally understood to be one of the top two or three best restos in KC. It can be a little spendy for dinner -- do you have a price-point in mind?

          1. M. Smith and Bluestem will give you great meals, no doubt. But they are similar to many good, chef owned restaurants in any big city. if I was taking you'd I'd go to PotPie. meals are great and the food and atmosphere/service is nice, simple, midwestern. If you're looking for a good and fun meal, with people watching, noise and boozey fun- try La Bodega. Enjoy your time in KC

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              I'm not that big of a fan of was good not great and the location doesn't help. Bluestem is next door but the food is great which makes up for locale. In the PotPie vibe I'd recommend Carmen's (though it's Italian) or Bluebird Bistro. Actually, my all time favorite is Joe D's in Brookside IF (and a BIG IF) the weather is good for patio dining.