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Arroyo Chop House on Friday - any advice?

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Anyone been lately? What should we expect as far as prices and quality? Taking the boss & his wife out to dinner. They've been before but we haven't and want to know what to expect. Thanks!

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  1. I enjoy the ribeye. This is a premier steakhouse with premier prices. IMHO the best steaks in the area, comparable to a Mastros or Ruth Chris. We have always enjoyed great service and ambiance. If you don't worry about the price, you could have a great time. Enjoy it.

    1. if you are going on a friday, i highly recommend the prime, prime rib (yes, prime is used 2x, lol). it's a big hunker of a cut, iirc, it is 32oz. other than that, i would recommend the cowboy rib eye.

      both rare of course. =)

      1. I love the ribeye and Don't forget to order the chocolate souffle

        1. Don't get the beef tartar.
          Get the Cowboy rib eye.

          1. I was hosted in December, and I have to say it wasn't worth it (and it was free to me!). Lot's of "good" items on the menu, but execution was poor. Although the place continues to be popular, but if you look at the demographics inside, lot's of WASP ol'timers. My feeling is they've lost their taste buds, and it's become more of a social thing. I'd prefer Bistro 45, or even Houston's/Ruth Chris. If you're going nonetheless, then just lower your expectations and hopefully that will help you enjoy your experience.

            1. Another vote for the cowboy ribeye.

              1. I dont' get there too often, but I love the place. Service and food has always been great. Yet another vote for the cowboy rib eye