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Apr 15, 2008 07:25 AM

Great Mexican for Group Dining (635 / 35E)

I've got a large group of people that I'd like to take for great Mexican.

We went to Ama Lur last night, which was very good. They took care of 30 of us and we had a great time. Doesn't have to be as upscale. I thought about Abuela's (really good chain Mexican), but wanted local opinion.

I'd appreciate your input, thx.

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  1. There is a Papasito's right there. It's a chain, but a good one. I personally like the food at Abuelo's better. You almost have to hit a larger spot with that many people. Could also check for the closest Mi Cocina, a local favorite, probably at the Galleria or Preston Forest. There is a Mercardo Juarez at NorthWest Hwy and approx 35. Some might say the food isn't as good as the others, but the pricing is more "local". Not the best location though, a bit seedy down there, but only a stones throw from Las Collinas.

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      Thanks for the heads up on Mi Cocina, it's just a couple of miles away, but they don't take reservations.
      So I think it's between Abuelo's, Mercado Juarez, or Via Real. But I haven't found much on the last two. Drinks/Food/fun is more important than price.

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        There's two Mexican taquerias that I often go to in that area. One is Taqueria Arandas about a 1/2 mile north on I35 (on the east service road) and the other is Casa Navarro which is just south on Marsh about 2 miles east on 635. Arandas is a small chain out of Houston and is in an old fast food restaurant. Navarro is run by the daughter of a family that used to own a renowned Mexican restaurant downtown for many years. Understand they are not upscale by any means (like Mi Cocina for example), but are good solid Tex-Mex restaurants very close by. They could be small for 30 people though, so you should call and make sure they can handle you first.

    2. Well these are all good recs but since you ate at Ama Lur you might be a bit dissapointed with most of the recs, Nuevo Leon might even be dissapointing. As a life time resident I would highly recommend Nuevo Leon in Farmers Branch on Valley View Lane @ Josey Lane. It has some more regional dishes and some tex-mex too. The moles are pretty solid and the poblano soup is one of my favorites. I would call ahead and let them know how big your party is (one half of the restaurant is hardly used). I have provided a link so you can paruse the menu.

      Casa Navarro is quite good but I think would be hard pressed to fit a group of 30 with regular customers also. I like Marcado Jaurez a lot but the food has gone down slightly over the years. They have good fajitas and could fit everyone comfortably the area is a bit on the dicey side. I would skip Taqueria Arandas as that is not very good at all. I have been there on several ocassions and it consistently dissapoints. It also is a bit on the small side as it was a former Denny's.

      1. I would call Mi Cocina back and let them know you have 30 people because they might treat that differently than a usual 'reservation'. They have a back room that would be perfect for your group and the 'Mi Co' at Preston-Forest is my all time favorite Tex-Mex, and that's saying a lot.

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          I've only been to Mi Cocina once and was really disappointed b/c i had heard a lot of great things about them. I haven't really wanted to go back, but it seems like everyone i talk to really does like this place. Maybe i just tried the wrong thing, so i think i may give them another try this weekend. Are there any must-try items on the menu?

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            The answer is the bookoos of money you will spend and use the additional $3-$5 on gas to get out to Taqueria El Fuego in Richardson on Campbell Rd @ Plano Rd. The lunch buffet is all you can eat of freshly made meat, veggie and bean dishes (and you can tell), fresh pressed corn tortillas, and freshly made salsas. The only thing better would be a trip to Oaxaca, which is what I am doing in June!!


            looks like they updated their website!!

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              You couldn't fit 30 in there!

              My husband and I were VERY disappointed in this place after all the chowhound hype I had read. He had the beef burrito, and felt it had more bell peppers than meat in it, and I had the beef taquitos in my final futile attempt to find San Diego style rolled tacos outside of San Diego. I also ordered rice and beans as taquitos are not very filling, and thought taquitos, r&b, were fine but not great.

              For the amount of money we spent, we both left disappointed and hungry. This really surprised me as I am usually the person who needs a doggie bag when nobody else at the table does. The best thing we had were the homemade salsas from the salsa bar, which were truly excellent.

              I plan to go one more time and try this buffet that everybody raves about, although I greatly prefer one well-executed plate to buffet style dining. It certainly appears to be a far better value than their a la carte items.

              1. re: Chile Pepper

                My reply was to iluvtennis's question not to the post as a whole. I know you can't fit 30 people in there a plus it is no where near 35E & 635. Sorry you didn't like your meal there. I happen to find that the flor de calabaza quesadillas, huitlacoche quesadilla, and hand made corn tortillas are hard to find in the metroplex.