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Apr 15, 2008 07:17 AM

brunch/lunch in portland

heading up to portland this sunday for noon brunch/lunch before we catch a ferry. any casual new spots or old good ones that stand out?thanks mike

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  1. I'm sure others will weigh in, but the brunch at The Front Room on Munjoy Hill is a delight. Am especially fond of the home-made corned beef hash, and the eggs baked with Parmesan, not to mention interesting breads/biscuits/rolls, etc. But either be early, or expect a significant wait: no reservations!

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      We loved our evening visit to The Front Room and look forward to returning and trying their brunch. mrlou loves cornedbeef hash!

    2. If you are looking for the wharf seafood experience, I like J's Oyster off Commercial Street. Make sure its open on Sunday before you go. A vegetarian alternative is Pepperclub on Middle Street which has a brunch menu on Sunday.

      1. I recently went to local 188 with avid brunch going friends. Its they're favorite brunch spot to date, and i was able to get a Sunday off from work to join them, and was glad I did. They also mention Bonobo a lot, which i've been to for dinner before, but not brunch. Apparently they make great brick oven breakfast pizzas.

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          We enjoyed Local 188 for their brunch many times as they do a nice job.