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Apr 15, 2008 06:56 AM

Restaurant recommendations for Annapolis?

My husband and I are taking a short solo trip while our kids stay with grandparents. We'll be one day in Annapolis and one in DC. I'm looking for suggestions in Annapolis for a great breakfast place and somewhere for dinner--good food, not super pricey. Seafood is great, but other suggestions are welcome also. Thanks!

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  1. I am not sure if Carroll's Creek is in your price range for dinner, but it is very good, I have especially enjoyed their crab soup although it is really rich.

    I have also had pretty good seafood at Rockfish. They are both in Easton which is right over the bridge from old town Annapolis, you can walk, or drive or water taxi over there.

    Will you be there on a weekend as there are many more brunch options than breakfast? And I would highly suggest making reservations for the above two places, espcially Carrol's Creek.

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      They are both in Easton which is right over the bridge from old town Annapolis,

      I think this person is cornfused, Easton is about 30-40 minutes over the BAY BRIDGE! The Rockfish & Carroll's Creek are over the Spa creek bridge which is within Annapolis in EASTPORT. A VERY BIG DIFFERENCE. and BTW, neither would I not reccomend either too highly. Decent, thats all.

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        sorry for the double negative.. neither would I recommend period. There are a lot of good places in Annapolis

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          Yes, yes, meant Eastport... had Easton on the brain.

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            Chick and Ruth's Deli on Main St for breakfast

            Piccola Roma(Northern Italian)
            Cafe Normande
            Osteria 177
            Buddy's(if you like crabs)
            Callaghans(Irish..not sure I have the name correct)

            Will you have a car..if so lots more options.

            1. re: mincepie

              Buddy's???? Even to pick crabs, I don't know that I would go here, if you really want crabs you should go to Cantler's (although it is a little hard to get to).

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                That's why I asked if they had a car. You would find it hard to get to Cantlers otherwise. However..what's wrong with Buddys?

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                  Buddy's is a terrible place. The food is horrible and the atmosphere is worse. It is a tourist trap.

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            I agree about Carroll's Creek being decent, but not great. The cream of crab was definitely really creamy, but it was really one-note. The entrees all seem to be presented well, and the seafood is good, but not amazing. If you've never been, I think it's worth a visit if you want decent food and a nice view. If you do go, steer clear of their fixed price menu as the regular menu items are much better. The highlight of our last meal there was the dessert: a molten chocolate cake a la mode.

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions and comments. We will have a car, but may want to walk if we're wining with our dining. We'll be there on Sunday for dinner and Monday for breakfast, so not a weekend brunch option. I'm looking forward to being near the water!

          1. I recommend Luna Blue on West Street, They have a 4-Course dinner special that is comprised of appetizer, house salad, choice of entrée and dessert for only $35.00.

            1. If you like steak, Ruth's Cris is an excellent choice

              1. I don't know if you've already gone to Annapolis but Gallaway Bay is an irish restaurant that is very good, I believe its in Church Circle. The Chart House is excellent, expensive but if you go for lunch the prices are better and they have the best Oysters Rockefeller I've ever had. They are famous for their Sunday Brunch but that is probably 20 - $25.

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                  Ruth's Chris is a national chain, and an expensive one to boot. Chart House is also a chain. For a good steak, head to local favorite Lewnes in Eastport.

                  Galway Bay is not a chain, but it is certainly not in Church Circle. (?!?) It is not even on State Circle. It is on Maryland Avenue. And while it has competent solid Irish American fare (by way of the Chesapeake - think crab dip, fried calamari, and grilled portabello sandwiches), it is not a real destination spot. The crab cakes served there have been raved about by one poster, but when I tried them last week, I found them to be over cooked,smaller than advertised, and underseasoned. They do a very good fish and chips and shepherd's pie though.

                  For breakfast or lunch, I'd recommend Regina's, on Annapolis St. in West Annapolis. It's a casual local favorite - not the crush of tourists that Chick and Ruth's can be on the weekends (though I adore C&R for breakfast too - and the best milkshakes in town.


                  If you like seafood, head to either O'Leary's in Eastport (near Lewne's), or try the new Jerry's at the Metropolitan - inner West Street. I haven't tried this location yet, since it's brand new, but their crabcakes in their original Seabrook restaurant are some of the best anywhere. And the Metropolitan has a beautiful roof-top dining area. Neither is inexpensive, but both will give you a nice Annapolis experience.

                  Historic McGarvey's Saloon at Market Square would be good for a large plate of raw or steamed oysters and/or clams. Lots of tourists, but hey, you're tourists! The season for local oysters is almost over, but the ones I shucked and slurped today (from Annapolis Seafood) were absolutely first rate. If you haven't tried the Chesapeake oysters, McGarvey's is as good a place to get them as any in town.

                  And since you have a car, I'd highly recommend a short drive to The Narrows on Kent Island for beautiful waterside dining and very good seafood and fish selections in a pretty setting.